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Our Maniiii Natural Origin Nail Shades

Colour. It’s all around us—in the sky, we gaze at, the flowers we pick, and the deserts that bring us solitude. From coast to coast, there’s an endless palette of earth tones and vivid hues that inspire us, and in turn, inspired our natural origin nail lacquer, Nature Strong.

Our Maniiii Natural Origin Nail Shades

We bottled up maniiiii vibrant shades that capture the role colour plays in earth’s natural elements to emflower you to express yourself consciously. From everyday neutrals to bold statement-makers in both crème and shimmer finishes, here are the natural nail colours that will make you Achieve Grapeness.


OPI Nature Strong Natural-origin Nail Polish Floral Tones

Floral Tones

Dusty rose, carnation pink, and bright yellow crèmes (Knowledge is Flower, Big Bloom Energy, Make My Daisy) embody our love of blooms big and small. And of course, we love a Bloom with a View—a deep classic red natural nail colour that you can’t go wrong with.
OPI Nature Strong Natural-origin Nail Polish Water Tones

Water Tones

Cobalt blue, lavender-grey, and cool rain (Shore Is Something!, Right as Rain, Raindrop Expectations) channel water in all its forms. These creamy water tones are like a wash of colour on your nails.
OPI Nature Strong Natural-origin Nail Polish Produce Tones

Produce Tones

Deep purple, shimmery burgundy, and radish pink (A Great Fig World, Raisin Your Voice, Simply Radishing) nod to some of our favourite organic fruits and veggies, and Achieve Grapeness, a true violet with a touch of shimmer will transport you right to the vineyards.
OPI Nature Strong Natural-origin Nail Polish Earth Tones

Earth Tones

A pale peach nude, soft tonal pink, and a creamy pink pastel with a touch of purple (Clay in the Life, We Canyon Do Better, Natural Mauvement) are everyday earth-tone nail polishes you can’t go wrong with. For something earthy but bold, All Heal Queen Mother Earth is a rich crème teal we can’t get enough of.

The Finishing Touch 

If you want extra shine and protection, our Nature Strong Top Coat is for you. Apply one coat over your Nature Strong colour and you’re good to go. 

Explore all the shades to mix and match for skittle nails or paint works of nail art. Have questions about the ingredients? Read our blog that digs into our formula.