Happy Mother's Day from OPI

Happy Mother's Day from OPI
  • Happy Mother's Day from OPI

    Mothers are a kind of gentle superhero. They show up when we need them most, and when we're not sure what we need. They teach us to care for others and to care for ourselves. Chances are the first time you stepped foot into a nail salon, your mom was by your side. She may have even picked out your very first OPI shade.

    Oftentimes, going to the nail salon, or having an at-home spa day becomes a tradition that carries throughout generations. You may have memories of a moment when time slowed down as your mom's steady hand applied a fresh coat of her favorite OPI polish. Whether you looked on in curiosity or offered your hand to try it out, those experiences become early examples of what self-care looks like.

    In this simple way, mothers all over the world teach their children to celebrate themselves by taking time to feel beautiful, inside and out. At OPI, we're thankful to be a part of such an important lesson.

    1. Happy Mother's Day from OPI

      OPI polish knows no age limits and has no generational boundaries. The iconic shade that looks good on grandma can be perfect for mother and daughter alike.

      This Mother's Day, celebrate your generational bond by choosing OPI shades to wear together! Try some of our neutral, feminine hues from the OPI Always Bare for You Collection such as Chiffon-d Of You, Bare My Soul, and Baby, Take a Vow.

      Or shop OPI gifts perfect for all types of moms! Yes, even plant moms, and moms with fur babies, too!


      Looking for something a bit more personalized? Shop our custom gift sets perfect for any occasion! Find out more about it here.


    2. @intl_peach


      "Last mani before baby?! Went shorter + super neutral just in case to hide grow out ?????✨
      Wearing ‘bubble bath’ "



    3. @ruth0ruth


      Mani/pedi date! In our rooms of course. ::sigh:: Who else can’t wait to hear the words “pick a color”!


    4. OPI Celebrates Mother's Day


      Looking for the perfect shade to compliment your little one's manicure? Try our fan-fave OPI I Am What I Amethyst for your mani and get a soft, but subtle pink-neutral for your mini-me in our all-time-fave OPI Bubble Bath!

      SHOP THE SHADE: Bubble Bath

      SHOP THE SHADE: I Am What I Amethyst

    5. When was the last time you had an OPI moment with a mother in your life? Share your Mother's Day manicures using the tag #ColorIsTheAnswer.

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