Valentine’s Day Nail Art: Love Overlap

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, in case you don’t have a date lined up, don’t worry! At least you’ll have nails everyone will fall in love with.

Valentine’s Day Nail Art: Love Overlap

We’re sharing this love-themed overlap nail art look with you for you to share as inspo with your nail artist, or even attempt yourself at home!


The steps:

  1. Prep the nail as you would before applying polish...shape, buff, and cleanse the nail plate.

  2. With a striper brush, draw an angled line from the side of the nail to the tip using OPI Nail Lacquer Mod About You. Fill in from the line to your sidewall. Let dry before applying overlapping color.

  3. Do the same on the opposite side, overlapping the colors with OPI Nail Lacquer Big Apple Red.

  4. Let dry completely to avoid streaking, then apply your OPI Top Coat.