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Not-So-Holiday Colors To Wear During the Holidays

While the holidays are a safe haven for straightforward color palettes associated with much of the decor we see throughout the season, it's also no better a time to take some major fashion risks.

Not-So-Holiday Colors To Wear During the Holidays

For those of you that dread the holiday cheer and the calorie count in egg nog, we have just the colors for this season to properly showcase your rebel heart! Hues of red, green, gold, and silver got you down?? Not to fret, any of these selections will likely show off your unrivaled level of class and distaste for low-brow tinsel decor!


While this tone is reminiscent of a Winter Wonderland, its versatility will allow you to traverse a variety of holiday get-togethers. It has a neutral snowy tone meant for the ladies who don't want to stand out too much.

SHOP THE SHADE: Worth a Pretty Penne

A polish named after a variation of pasta? I mean how could you go wrong? Not backed by factual evidence, this color will have your skin glowing and perfect for an evening out at Bar Pitti. You still get that metallic holiday goodness without being too basic in gold or silver.

SHOP THE SHADE: Do You Take Lei Away?

While this color might hit close to home because you're waiting for your next direct deposit to set in to splurge on a holiday number, it could alternatively have you saving every dollar for a Hawaiian vacation to escape all the college colleagues you encountered during the holiday socials you've been avoiding for years!

This holiday season utilize some of these colors and reinvent what the holidays mean to you!

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