Chic of Nature

Get your chic on with a pink ombre spring nail art look you can DIY with a sponge.
Chic of Nature - OPI Nail Art
  1. Complete OPI Nail Lacquer Prep Step-by-Steps. Apply one coat of Nature Strong Botanical Base Coat. Allow to dry
  2. Apply one coat of Nature Strong Kind of a Twig Deal to all five nails. Allow to dry.
  3. Continuing with Nature Strong Kind of a Twig Deal paint color onto a section on the smooth side of a cosmetic sponge. Repeat with Nature Strong Strong as Shell, overlapping the two colors. Dab the sponge over the nail creating an ombre. Allow to dry. 
    Pro Tip: Cosmetic sponge absorbing all your color and not depositing it to the nail? Lightly moisten the sponge with isopropyl alcohol before painting your colors.
  4. Apply a coat of Nature Strong Top Coat. Allow to dry.


To complete this look you will need:

Nature Strong Line Extension Nail Art- Chic of Nature

DIY Chic of Nature