Heavy Petal

Put the petal to the metal with this shimmery floral nail art design.
Nature Strong Line Extension Nail Art- Heavy Petal
  1. Complete OPI Nail Lacquer Prep Step-by-Steps. Apply one coat of Nature Strong Botanical Base Coat. Allow to dry.
  2. Apply two coats of Nature Strong Strong as Shell to all five nails. Allow to dry. Repeat for coverage. 
    Pro Tip: If color floods the surrounding skin, clean around the cuticle immediately with a clean-up brush dipped in Expert Touch Nail Lacquer Remover to prevent staining.
  3. Apply different-sized drops of Nature Strong Glowing Places to one nail at a time. Do not allow to dry.
  4. Immediately apply Nature Strong Strong as Shell, A Kick in the Bud, Bee the Change, and Emflowered over the wet drops of Glowing Places.
  5. Lastly, apply drops of Nature Strong Strong as Shell. Use a sharp stylus or toothpick and light pressure to swirl the colors from the center of the drop out creating a flower.
  6. Repeat step 4 on the remaining nails. Use a detail brush and Nature Strong Leaf by Example to paint leaves and dot accents using a dotting tool. Allow to dry.
  7. Apply a coat of Nature Strong Top Coat. Allow to dry.

To complete this look you will need:

Nature Strong Line Extension Nail Art- Heavy Petal

PRO Heavy Petal