How to Properly Apply Nail Polish

How to Apply Nail Polish
  • How to Apply Nail Polish

    Here at OPI, we love nothing more than a fresh mani, but there are a few key steps to ensuring your nails are looking their best even when you don’t have time to run to the salon. Today we’re breaking down some of the basics of one of our fave DIY systems, OPI Nail Lacquer! Read on to find out some insider tips and tricks from the pros on how to apply nail polish and get the most out of our signature nail polish formula.

    1. OPI Nail Lacquer Application


      Applying nail polish properly requires multiple steps. Nail polish application typically involves 1 coat of base coat, 2 coats of color application to ensure full coverage, and 1 coat of top coat for long-lasting wear and shine. OPI Nail Lacquer is the ultimate DIY nail polish system that allows expression of color with trendy and iconic shades.

    2. OPI Natural Nail Base Coat


      Ensuring that your nails are clean before applying nail polish is an important first step. Make sure to properly prep nails and remove any older nail polish that might be leftover. Apply 1 coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat to start, and let dry.

    3. OPI Natural Nail Strengthener Nail Polish


      Weak nails are no match for OPI Natural Nail Strengthener. Use in place of the Natural Nail Base Coat to give weak nails the extra strength they need.

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    4. How to Apply Nail Polish

      When it comes to color application, it’s best to apply nail polish down the center of the nail, avoid flooding your cuticle. Then work your way down the sides of the nail, and be sure to cap the free edge as a final step. Apply 2 coats of color application, allow each coat to dry in between.

    5. How to apply nail polish on short nails


      When applying nail polish to very short nails, cap the free edge first by pulling down on the skin away from the edge. Then apply the remaining nail polish as usual.

    6. How to apply Glitter Nail Polish


      Want to add some sparkle? When applying glitter nail polish with chunky glitter, apply it in a dabbing motion to ensure proper placement of the glitter to create even coverage. Apply two coats of glitter applications to ensure full coverage.

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    7. OPI Top Coat Nail Polish


      You’ll know once each layer of nail polish is dry enough because it will have lost a small amount of its shine. Have no fear though, applying 1 coat of OPI Top Coat is the final step to achieving the glossy, shiny nails you know and love.

    8. OPI Matte Top Coat Nail Polish


      Looking for an alternative to glossy nails? Try our OPI Matte Top Coat for an elevated but subtle look. It’s great for more formal occasions where you don’t want your nails to outshine your ensemble. Apply 1 coat of OPI Matte Top Coat as a final step to achieve this look.

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    9. OPI matte nail polish look


      Be sure not to place an additional layer of top coat on top of your matte finish to maintain the desired look.

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    10. OPI Nail Lacquer Nail Polish

      Now that you know how to apply nail polish properly, it’s time to get you started on the right note with some quality products. OPI has a collection of award-winning nail products with hundreds of unique shades to choose from. Plus, you’ll never go wrong with our signature nail lacquers.

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