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5 Steps to the Perfect Manicure

Want to get that salon-perfect mani at home? We get it - sometimes you don't always have the time to pop into your salon to get your tips touched up.

5 Steps to the Perfect Manicure

While we would never trade our #SalonSaturday for the world, we do understand that sometimes a girl's just gotta DIY! Follow these steps from OPI Pros to make sure your manicure is on point, every time:

Perfection starts with prep. 

1. Perfection starts with prep. 

Use Expert Touch Lacquer Remover to remove any pre-existing lacquer. Wash your hands with soap and warm water, remove any dirt and grime under your nails. 

2. Clean up those cuticles. Use a cuticle softener like Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment and push those cuticles back! If you wish (and you have a very steady hand), you can use a cuticle nipper to remove any overgrown cuticles.

3. Shape 'em up. To remove serious length, cut your nails down with a sharp pair of nail clippers. Most likely however, you will be keeping your length and just shaping your tips with a clean nail file. 

Pro Tip: Filing your nails in one direction will help prevent breaks!

4. Give them a good buff. Buff the surface of each nail with a buffing block to give yourself a smooth surface. 

5. Prep and protect. 

5. Prep and protect. 

Use OPI Original Nail Envy as a base coat to keep your nails healthy and strong. And after applying your favorite nail color, apply OPI Top Coat (don’t forget to cap the free edge!) to prevent your manicure from chipping. 

Pro Tip: You can continue to apply Nail Envy over your Top Coat every other day for the lifespan of your manicure to continue to strengthen your nails