How to Fix Nail Ridges and the Causes Behind Them

What Causes Nail Ridges? | OPI
  • What Causes Nail Ridges? | OPI

    Got nail problems? Our team at OPI is here to help you handle all of your nail emergencies. On a mission to help you get your nails healthy, we’re busting myths about every manicure ailment to help you find a surprisingly easy solution with our treatment range. Our first stop: how to fix nail ridges and the causes behind them.

    1. What Causes Nail Ridges? | OPI


      Ridges are usually harmless and a sign of a vitamin deficiency. This can include vitamin A, B-12, protein, calcium, iron or zinc deficiencies. Another cause could be Onychorrhexis, a longitudinal ridging that can result in splits (similar to split ends in hair) at the free edge.

    2. What Causes Nail Ridges? | OPI


      Firstly, we recommend seeing your doctor to check if you do have any nutritional deficiencies, especially if you have horizontal ridges, as they can indicate an underlying condition. If you have got a vitamin deficiency, this should be easily solved with the right supplement program. We also recommend eating a varied balanced diet filled with leafy greens, protein and essential fatty acids. Nails are composed of Keratin (a protein), so it’s well worth feeding them the right nutrients.

    3. What Causes Nail Ridges? | OPI


      Looking for quick results? Try out our Infinite Shine Treatments, designed by experts to improve your nail issues. Our Infinite Shine Ridge Filler Treatment contains natural silk to smooth nails for an even lacquer application.

      Whether you’re giving yourself a manicure or in the salon, lightly buff the nail and apply 2 coats of base coat. If nail ridges give you trouble, we recommend trying our Infinite Shine Ridge Filler Treatment instead of your regular Nail Lacquer Base Coat to mask the ridges and then proceed with your mani or pedi as usual.

      If you have Onychorrhexis this can be remedied with extra moisturizer and treatment base coats. We recommend a combination of Nail Envy, Infinite Shine Ridge Filler, and Natural Nail Strengthener.

    4. What Causes Nail Ridges? | OPI


      We hope this advice helps you understand what causes nail ridges and how you can fix them. Plus, don’t panic! Nails grow at the rate of 1.2 millimeters per week, so they’ll be gone in no time. Shop the Infinite Shine Ridge Filler Primer today.

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