OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy

OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy
  • OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy
    Elsy, aka @houseofnailsbyelsy on Instagram, is our October Pro Spotlight pick. A pro for just two years, she is already killing it with delicate line work and nail art styles. To learn more about her, read on. She chats with us about her nail journey, predicts fall trends, and discusses the thing she looks forward to the most in Halloween and fall looks.
    1. OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy

      OPI: How long have you been doing nails, and what prompted you to begin your journey as a nail artist?

      Elsy: I've been doing nails for 2 years now and honestly I never thought I could do art or anything on nails, after the pandemic I started doing my own nails and my partner saw and brought the idea of me doing this as a business but I immediately said no since I did any kind of art, but after a few months I decided to give it a shot and here I am creating art on nails and about to open my first nail salon.

    2. OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy

      OPI: We love all of your delicate line work and nail art styles! What tools do you use to create such pristine looks?

      Elsy: Thank you! I like to use really thin long brushes even for small details I like to use the medium to long but fine brushes.

    3. OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy

      OPI: Now that it's October, what Halloween and Fall looks are you most looking forward to creating for your clients?

      Elsy: I love this month since I get to do a lot of warm fall colors but also fun and creative Halloween art, so this year I’m looking to create the craziest Halloween nails!

      OPI: We see that you are an expert at gel manicures. What techniques are your favorite when doing a gel mani?

      Elsy: I love using the Russian manicure technique, I think it gives it a really clean look.

    4. OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy

      OPI: What do you see for yourself in the nail industry in the next 5-10 years?

      Elsy: I see myself owning 1-3 nail salons.

      OPI: Which shade from our new Holiday collection is your favorite?

      Elsy: Omg so many good ones I wouldn’t know which one to choose, but I always go for the warm, nude shades the most.

    5. OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy

      OPI: What nail art look do you love to create the most?

      Elsy: I enjoy doing fine lines and nails that are rare and not so common.

    6. OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy

      OPI: You are so amazing at creating all different kinds of nail shapes. Do you see any upcoming trends for nail shapes this season?

      Elsy: I think the pointy nails will be more trendy during this season.

    7. OPI Pro Spotlight: @houseofnailsbyelsy

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