OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician

OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician
  • OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician

    Meet Felix, @themaleesthetician on Instagram and our July Pro Spotlight pick! In our interview below, learn more about this Toronto-based professional nail artist, from his initial plan to become a holistic therapist to his OPI Power of Hue faves and hopes for other males in the nail industry.

    1. OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician

      OPI: What inspired you to become a professional nail artist?

      Felix: It was not my first choice, as I wanted to be a holistic therapist. However, I've always been artistic and along the path, I realized that doing nails gave me the opportunity to express myself artistically while making my clients happy.

      OPI: Which shade from our #OPIPowerOfHue collection is your favorite to use on your clients?

      Felix: My favorite color is blue, so I inadvertently drift to the blue shades whenever I look at colors. So I for sure always recommend the Feel Bluetiful shade.


    2. OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician

      OPI: You use such vibrant colors and styles in your work! What draws you to that aesthetic?

      Felix: As I mentioned before, I am artistic and that compels me to go all out whenever I am given the opportunity to let my creative juices flow; thankfully some of my clients trust me enough to allow me to get as crazy as I want to, hence the use of such vibrant colors.

      OPI: Do you have any specific nail art or styles that you love to feature during the summer months?

      Felix: I absolutely love anything that has to do with negative space. Therefore I would do art that would incorporate negative space and pastels, neons, and nature. Also love an unconventional French, using neons.

    3. OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician

      OPI: What would you like to see more of in the nail industry as a male esthetician and nail tech?

      Felix: As a male in a female-dominated industry, it would be absolutely thrilling to see more guys get into this field.  We are just as passionate as our female counterparts and I believe we have a lot to bring to the table. I'd also like for clients to have more of an open mind and realize that we are just as capable and just as good as a female tech.

    4. OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician

      OPI: If you could give your past self any advice, what would it be?

      Felix: To be more open to learning. Not passing on opportunities to learn ways of improving myself and my skills in the industry and to stop doubting myself.

      OPI: Do you have a favorite technique to use when creating such stunning nail art?

      Felix: My detail brush is my best friend, a must-have!! Aside from that, my technique is basically to believe in my ability. Being confident in what I am doing guarantees a great outcome.

    5. OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician

      OPI: We see you also specialize in pedicures! How do you approach a pedicure differently than a manicure?

      Felix: Fortunately for me, I have more advanced training in pedicures. And so my training allows me to take a more detailed approach to perform a pedicure. I look for anything that may affect the client adversely when it comes to foot health and pay close attention to any abnormalities that may be present. It is also easier for a client to not be aware of any abnormalities to their feet as they don't pay as close attention to them as they would their hands.

    6. OPI Pro Spotlight: @themaleesthetician

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