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OPI Pro Spotlight: @Tahranailsatl

Not all nail artists start off by doing manis.

OPI Pro spotlight: @tahrasnailsatl

Our August Pro Spotlight pick, Tahra (@tahranailsatl), began by working on feet, creating her first designs for big-toe nails when she was just a kid! Now a “solopreneur” with over 15 years of experience, this Atlanta-based pro has a huge clientele and a fashion business to boot. Check out our interview to learn more about Tahra, whose career is as vibrant and colorful as her nail art.

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OPI: How did your journey to become a nail artist begin?

Tahra: A1: As a child I was always artistically driven, I always had a love for arts and crafts. During my middle school year, my mother allowed me to purchase some nail art detailer brushes from the hair store and from that point I began designing big toe nails, for my mom and family friends, from there my hobby continued to grow and blossom. Fun Fact, Feet are my first love within this industry, that's how it truly all started for me. From big toe designs to spa pedicures and then to nails and nail art which didn't begin until my sophomore year of college. To be honest, at that time I never thought becoming a full time nail technician/artist would become my career, but here we are; almost 15+ years later from the start of it all.

OPI: You have mastered bold and colorful nail art! Where does the inspiration for these designs come from?

Tahra: With such a large clientele I no longer have the ideas to create nail art just randomly. So I have made it my client's job to bring in the inspirations for their nail art to their appointment. It challenges me to look at the art and really bring it to life on the canvas of my clients' nails.

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OPI: We see that you started your own business as a "solopreneur". Tell us more about how that came to be.

Tahra: From the inception of doing nails, I was always on my own. It wasn't always the plan but it always seemed to fall in place, from starting my career in the corner of the basement in my childhood home, to now owning my second brick and mortar location I am hoping to challenge myself to break through the fears of hiring to begin growing a successful team.

OPI: Do you have a favorite OPI shade or one you love to use most on clients?

Tahra: ABSOLUTELY! I have a few, Put it in Neutral, Bare my Soul, and Pear-adise Cove. I can honestly say those as well as Bubble Bath are used almost daily in my salon.

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OPI: We love that you have a Jamaican inspired clothing & accessory line! How do you meld the two sides of your business, nails, and clothing?

Tahra: My online store originally started as a way to create apparel and accessories specifically for nail professionals, but it quickly turned into a brand to inspire and empower women. Both businesses have one thing in common, an outlet of creativity. When I am not creating unique nail art designs for my clients, I am painting and crafting new apparel and accessories for the online store. It serves as a daily reminder to myself of just how dope I am! Hence, the number one thing I sell that reminds women just like me everyday that "She is so Dope"! (trademark pending)

OPI: What is the nail industry like in Atlanta? How do you find ways to stand out and keep clients coming back?

Tahra: I believe the nail industry in Atlanta is huge! The market is always growing. There are two things that have always made me an anomaly wherever I go, the first thing is my foundation and the second is my unique nail art. One thing that remains true in this industry; is that it's hard to find a nail professional that has mastered both a quality foundation along with really great unique nail art, and the other side to that is I don't just offer nail art one way, I can service the girls who love bling, the girls who love french, or the girls who love crazy nail art. It has truly been a blessing to be able to master these gifts.

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OPI: What do you see for yourself moving forward in the nail world, and what are some goals you have for your future?

Tahra: At this time my hope is to build my business, move from being a solopreneur to an entrepreneur with an amazing team. I have had some really great opportunities that have come my way and I just hope to continue to have the platform to showcase my talents.

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OPI: With Fall just around the corner, are there any designs or color palettes you're most looking forward to using?

Tahra: Absolutely, it goes without saying that Pear-adise Cove will be in full rotation, as well as all the mustard yellows, browns and oranges. It's always so much fun to create with those hues. I have a feeling matte black will become a trend as well.
OPI Pro Spotlight: Tahra

OPI: Since your bold and intricate designs are so stunning, do you have any advice for other pros on advancing their color and linework techniques?

Tahra: TAKE YOUR TIME, and FIND YOUR NICHE. In my opinion nail art, like any art, is freeing. It should be challenging but fun. I encourage all of my fellow pros to tap into their strengths when it comes to nail art. Be it, stamping, foils, bling, characters etc. Allow YOUR unique creativity to flow.

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