Pro Spotlight

OPI Pro Spotlight: @veronica_studiomakeup

Besides talking about trends, this talented pro tells us about her journey to becoming a nail artist, her tips for building a social media following, and her experiences as an OPI Spain Ambassador.

OPI Pro Spotlight: @veronica_studiomakeup

How do mani trends in Europe compare to the ones in the US? Find out in our interview with Veronica (@veronica_studiomakeup), a Spain-based nail artist, and our January Pro Spotlight pick!

OPI: What first led you to find such an interest in the beauty industry? Was there a moment or an event that drew you into it?

Veronica: I've been interested in the beauty industry since I was a child, it’s always been second nature for me. My mother was a makeup salesperson and taught me everything she knew, including how to apply makeup on dolls. A specific event I have a fond memory of is when they gave me my first Barbie as a present, it came with a big makeup box to apply onto her. I remember spending hours and hours creating hundreds of different looks for my doll.


OPI: Living in Spain, what is the most popular trend you've seen there? Do you feel as though the trends differ from those in America?

Veronica: With no doubt, I’d say the French Manicure has always been the most popular trend here. It has transformed and has adapted through time along with the tendencies of each moment, new colors, patterns, and add-ons have been welcomed to the design, making this technique once again one of the most demanded in our salons. In Europe the trend has always been much more discreet, it is from America that we get a culture of longer and more decorated nails, thus giving much more prominence to manicures.
@veronica_studiomakeup Inspiration from Fashion

OPI: You have such a beautiful array of work! What inspires you when creating a mani or nail art look?

Veronica: Certainly the fashion industry! I love when I am inspired by something I see or feel. It can be anything from a color combination seen on one of my customers, to a piece of art, a song, or even just something that catches my eye. When I get inspired, it makes me want to create something new and fresh. I think that is why I love doing nail art so much. It allows me to express myself in a creative way!
@veronica_studiomakeup Engaging with the Community

OPI: Your social media presence showcases your many talents in the beauty industry. How are you building such a great following?

Veronica: I've been building my following by posting regularly and engaging with the community. I post photos and stories daily and tag the most important brands in my pictures. I also use hashtags related to my content, which helps people find me on social media. All of this is extra daily work added on top of the salon but I, for one, think it needs to be done to showcase all my work and the brand I collaborate with.

OPI: Are there any techniques, tips, or tricks you commonly use that you'd like to share with other nail artists?

Veronica: I think that something that represents my manicure is the cleanliness of the nail. My preference is always to work with a fine brush, thus managing to outline the edges with greater precision.

OPI: Your clean lines and intricate style is so recognizable in your manis! How did you get to this level of artistry in your craft?

Veronica: I have been doing manicures for over 24 years now and I believe that precision and mastery are acquired over years and experience.

@veronica_studiomakeup Spring Aesthetics

OPI: What shades or nail art looks are you most excited for after the holiday season?

Veronica: I think that we will be invaded by colors that lead us towards energy, minimalism, and colors that dominate the landscape, which will surely be the basis of spring aesthetics, pinks, blues, yellows, and light greens that I hope will give life to our upcoming nail art.
@veronica_studiomakeup OPI Spain Ambassador

OPI: What has been the most impactful part of being an OPI Spain Ambassador?

Veronica: The most impressive part of being an OPI Spain Ambassador is the energy, motivation, and satisfaction that I get from working on every single project. Every time I work with OPI, it makes me proud that they count on me to help make the brand more well-known and accessible to a broader audience in Spain.

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