Why Not Spend Valentine's Day With Your Girlfriends?

Ahh, Valentine’s Day - a day some of us often spent alone, trying desperately to forget the fact that while we sat at home watching Netflix, couples around the world were doing whatever it is that cute couples do.

After years of self-pity, it's time for a change. The notion that us single ladies can't enjoy Valentine’s Day is just ridiculous. Turns out, we've been doing it wrong all along. Instead of wallowing in our sorrows, we could have thrown an annual “Galentine’s Day” get-together (props to Leslie Knope for coining the term) complete with champagne (or Martinelli’s), macaroons, red velvet cupcakes, manicures, Cards Against Humanity and our closest friends. 

This doesn’t have to become an elaborate, super expensive ordeal. Just invite your best friends and make it a potluck so everyone is involved. Set up a fun game (preferably one that’s somewhat inappropriate - like Cards Against Humanity), provide a selection of nail polishes, and have a classic movie (my picks would be “She’s the Man” or “Clueless”) running the whole time.

It’s like slumber parties all over again, an opportunity to pig out and laugh until you cry with your girlfriends. You’ll have so much fun. Trust me. Galentine’s Day 2016. Do it.


Written by Caitlin Taylor -