Why Proper Protocol is Important With Dipping Powder Manicures

Why Proper Protocol is Important With Dipping Powder Manicures
  • Why Proper Protocol is Important With Dipping Powder Manicures

    Dipping powder manicures (or dip nails) are an acrylic alternative system that utilizes liquid application followed by dipping nails into colored powders to form a protective layer of color overlayed onto natural nails.

    It's a simple brush, dip, tap application, and it doesn’t require light to cure; this has given way to a huge trend in clients requesting dip nails in salons to help assist those with weaker nails. That’s why we wanted to take the opportunity to share helpful insights around proper application protocol and sanitation tips to help ensure your clients' dipping powder manis come out tough as nails.

    1. Proper Protocol Around OPI Powder Perfection


      Are dip nails hygienic?

      When applied properly, dip nails are hygienic. It’s important to never dip straight into the jar, but instead use separate medicine cups. All unused powder must be discarded and never reused on another client. For those concerns with product waste, check out our ProTip #29 on our YouTube channel.

      To assist with conversations around sanitation and sharing of products we developed the below communication:

      FAQ: Can OPI Powder Perfection Activator liquid kill germs due to the 99% acetate?

      For North America Liquid Activator: The OPI Dipping Powder Activator contains >97% of Ethyl Acetate and does not contain water. With this high level of solvent, the formula is hostile for the virus. OPI protocol should be followed and fresh powder should be poured into a small plastic cup and disposed of after each client.

      Can bacteria grow in dip powder?

      In order to have bacteria growth, water must be present in the powder. This is why OPI highly recommends that salons use separate medicine cups to apply a dip service rather than dipping straight into the jar as mentioned above. For those concerned with product waste, check out our ProTip #29 on our YouTube channel. With our ProTip, salons can reduce product waste and still be sanitary.

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    2. OPI Powder Perfection: Is dipping powder bad for your nails?


      According to the Nevada State Board, there is a 51.4% risk of infection if a dip service is not done properly. (Identifying Risks in Beauty Services: Dip Nail Application Service) Infections usually occur from improper prep or application. When done properly dip powder can be worn for 2-3 weeks. It’s important to remove the dip powder service and reapply, rather than filling. Filling a dip powder service has a higher risk of causing a bacterial infection if moisture becomes trapped underneath the enhancement.

      Is dipping powder bad for your nails?

      When applied and removed properly by a licensed nail technician, dipping powder can be great for your nails, especially if your nails have a tendency to break. Dipping powder can provide extra strength and durability so nails can grow longer and stop breaking.

    3. Proper OPI Powder Perfection Application


      A typical application for dipping powder manicures includes a base coat, an activator, color powder, Clear Color Set powder, and a top coat to finish. Every service should start with both you and your client having freshly washed hands. Put on a new pair of gloves before starting on any older product removal and nail prep for every dipping powder manicure service.

    4. Proper Protocol Around OPI Powder Perfection


      Start by setting aside a small amount of each powder needed for your service in plastic medicine cups rather than using the main product jar to complete the dipping powder manicure. Be sure to use separate medicine cups per powder you are working with. We never advise dipping a client's finger directly into an open jar (this has always been proper OPI protocol). Because dipping powder systems are resin-based, cross-contamination is possible when not adhering to proper protocol, making infection through this cross-contamination possible. When working with medicine cups, ensure you complete the service by discarding any contaminated powder as opposed to storing it. And above all, no double-dipping! Consider using a pour-over method instead of dipping and be sure to check out some of our OPI Pro Tips below from nail pros sticking to sanitation based protocol and reducing product waste!

      Looking for more information on proper application? Check out our step-by-step blog on proper OPI Powder Perfection application or head to our OPI Professionals Service Education course to take our course on OPI Powder Perfection.

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    5. Why Proper Protocol is Important With Dipping Powder Manicures

      When it comes to proper sanitation with OPI Powder Perfection and dipping powder manicures, knowledge is key! Find more information and browse all our OPI Powder Perfection shades below.

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      With salons beginning to reopen in various locations, we’re hoping to “offer a safe hand” by sharing guidelines and advice for post-COVID-19 operations and sharing access to tools to help you communicate with clients around hygiene and proper sanitation, not just related to Powder Perfection but all services.

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      Get more tips and advice around sanitation guidelines including access to a downloadable guide we developed to help cover additional measures needed when it comes to sanitation at this time.

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