Why OPI?

#AskforOPI: What to look out for at your next salon appointment

If you're new to the world of nail salons or just want to make sure you're getting the most out of your mani’s, then you may be wondering what to ask for. OPI are here to guide you through your next appointment by sharing our salon tips & tricks – simply #AskforOPI!


1. They have a clean desk

Your nail tech should start your service with a freshly cleaned and set up desk, a new pair of gloves, clean files, tools, and towels. If the desk is dusty or tools aren’t clean, then there’s a chance of cross contamination. You should be asked to wash your hands on arrival and the nail tech should wash theirs and/or change gloves between clients.
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2. They use a 3-step system

While a one-step manicure is often all you have time for at home, having a professional nail tech apply the full 3 step system allows for additional, and essential, layers of prep and prime that will dramatically extend the life of the manicure. All of OPI’s colour systems, whether it be Nail Lacquer or Infinite Shine, give you the best results when used as part of the 3 step system – Base coat, Colour, Top coat. A Base Coat gives easy removal and prevents nail damage and staining of the nails whilst also promoting a long-lasting finish whereas, a Top Coat seals the colour, preventing the colour from chipping and delivers a high gloss shine finish.

3. They have a lamp matched to the gel polish brand they use

It’s extremely important that the lamp used to cure your gel polish matches the brand you are using. Gel that isn’t cured (or hardened) all the way through can leave you open to potential skin irritations or allergies. The OPI GelColor product formulation has been designed to be best cured under the light settings of an OPI Lamp so for best results ensure you ask your nail tech to use the full OPI service.

4. They finish your mani or pedi with cuticle oil

Cuticle Oil is key to protecting, replenishing and strengthening the nails whilst also softening and conditioning the nail cuticle. You should also use an oil at home daily to maintain your manicure and ensure you colour lasts longer.