Your Big Zodiac Energy Horoscope / Colorscope

Hey OPI readers, wearers, and lovers of all things nails. We’re SANCTUARY, your guide to the universe, and we partnered with OPI to create personalized colorscopes (that is, a color-focused horoscope) for your shades in the Big Zodiac Energy collection.

Your Big Zodiac Energy Horoscope / Colorscope

So…what does it mean to have Big Zodiac Energy? It means celebrating your star quality! You’re unique. You shine. You’ve harnessed celestial magic to make your mark. Now you can use your sign to unlock your creativity. Dreamy and dazzling? Vivid and vibrant? Mystical and mesmerizing? Whether you’re representing fire, water, air, or earth, you deserve to feel in your element. Dial up the cosmic contrast and start catching glances. Create a statement that’s out of this world!


With so mani shades to choose from, take a cue from your birth chart to get your nail polish horoscope. Explore your sun, moon, and rising sign for a whole universe of color.

Kiss My Aries (March 21-April 19)

Kiss My Aries

Fiery, fierce Aries! Your reputation proceeds you.

Whether you’re taking charge or taking names, your eyes are on the prize. Sure, some call you brash. You shimmer with red-hot determination. They say you’re too bold for your own good. But that’s what it takes to be a nail-blazer! You seize new opportunities. You take risks. You don’t sugarcoat the truth and you don’t hold back. Unique. Charismatic. Fearless. That’s you! The real ones know that you’re a lover, not a fighter. You’ll defend the underdog, and stand up for friends in distress. That kind of courage is rare, the mark of a true individual who chooses their own destiny. So, seize the day. Haters, be gone! It’s time for you to make your debut.

So, seize the day with your shade Kiss My Aries, a fiery red shimmer that like you, doesn’t hold back. Haters, be gone! It’s time for you to make your debut.


Taurus-t Me (April 20-May 20)

Taurus-t Me

One thing is certain, Taurus: you know quality when you see it.

It comes with the territory when Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, rules your sign. You live in a world of heightened senses. Life is all about stopping to smell the roses and soak in the ambiance. You set the mood with colors, textures, flourishes, and finishing touches. It’s not a makeover, it’s a glow-up! It’s not an outfit, it’s an adornment! Sparkle and shine are part of your life. You just need to keep things minty-fresh. Your vibe is opulent and luxurious, yet understated. Aesthetic magic is part of your game. Most of all, you know that everyone deserves to feel expensive. Do you have an eye for trends? Sure. But you also know which looks have lasting value. Fashion may be fickle, but good taste never goes out of style.

Ready to ground yourself in your good taste? Don’t be afraid to throw some shade— your shade that is. Grab Taurus-t Me, a mint green shimmer that’s as loyal as you.


Gemini and I (May 21-June 20)

Gemini and I

Curious, charismatic Gemini, you’re a creature of many facets.

Just ask your friends. You brighten any room you walk into. You’re the early adopter, the socialite, the tastemaker. Meetings of the mind leave you energized and inspired. You’re always ready to learn something new, and you know a little about a lot of different things. For you, life is about having experiences. Every discovery, every exchange, informs your personality—there are so many shades to you! You know how to capture any glow, whether soft or white-hot. Popular but personable, brainy but approachable… You may be outgoing, but you always make time for a heart-to-heart with your besties. So, go ahead and express yourself. You contain mani multitudes. Who will you be today? It all depends on how you catch the light!

Like your shade Gemini and I, you have mani sides. Your colorscope calls for a soft white shimmer that shifts with you and you and you. 


I Cancer-tainly Shine (June 21-July 22)

05 I Cancer-tainly Shine 690x980 02

Creative, compassionate Cancer!

You’re ruled by the moon, that mystical silver orb that is always changing shape. As an emotional creature, you know the importance of self-care to help you and your beloveds shine. You cannot pour from an empty cup! Making time to recharge so you can maintain your hypnotic, holographic sparkle is a must. It’s not easy being so complex, yet you know what it takes to ride life’s waves. By flowing with the tides, basking in the lunar glow, you discover your magic. Sensitive? Sure! Intuition is your superpower. You see through facades, assessing others’ true colors to deepen connections. No shallow waters for you! You’re the real deal, unafraid to dive into the deep. That’s where your luminescent shimmer REALLY shines, changing shape as the situation and the people you love need while you express your fullest self.

Who can fight the moonlight? Your power is mesmerizing, and so is your shade I Cancer-tainly Shine, a holographic dazzler that just might sharpen your intuition. 


The Leo-nly One (July 23-August 22)

The Leo-nly One

Ready for your close-up, Leo?

As the zodiac’s resident performer, you’re known for bringing bold star quality to everything you do. Shining like gold comes second nature when your sign is ruled by the sun! So, whether you’re commanding the spotlight, or running the show behind the scenes, you understand the assignment. Naturally, you’re known for your flair, your confidence, and your unmatched sense of style. But you’re known for something else as well: your solid gold heart. When you take up space, you inspire others to do the same. You’re here to make a bold statement: that all are worthy of being the center of attention! Here’s to bringing the main character energy and daring to be authentically YOU.

No one shines brighter than you, so you need a shade that steps into the spotlight too! That’s why the shade in your colorscope, The Leo-nly One, is a bold pearly gold that’s the center of attention.


#Virgoals (August 23-September 22)


Sophisticated, uncompromising Virgo.

They call you a perfectionist, but really, you’re a culture critic with great expectations. You can't help that you've got impeccable taste! Is it so bad to be picky? Having high standards keeps you from settling for anything less than the best! When you know your worth, it shows, and your unstated glow is like burnished bronze. That's why everyone comes to YOU for advice. Bland? Basic? Boring? Not a chance. You take simplicity and make it SHINE. Refined. Polished. Classy. That's your vibe! An eye for detail places your style a cut above the rest. When it comes to quality, you never compromise. You SET the trends! That's #Virgoals! So, what's hot and what's not? We'll let you be the judge of that!

Elegance never looked so good with your shade #Virgoals, a bronze pearl that’s nothing but perfection for those smart enough to take your guidance. 


Feelin’ Libra-ted (September 23-October 22)

Feelin Libra-ted

Stunning Libra, you’re always seeking balance.

While others are throwing shade, you’re keeping the peace. Harmony is your chief desire, both in life and in your color palette. It’s no surprise your sweetness captures hearts and your creativity inspires others to wear their he(art) on their nails. And your vibrant style? Never to be matched! You’re ruled by the planet Venus, so you know how to draw curious glances with your attitude and aura. Everyone either wants to be with you or be you! Fun and flirtatious, you keep admirers guessing with your always-composed, never-showy ways. You make equilibrium look easy. Whether you’re playing matchmaker or mediator, you’re always the master of your own domain as you balance shimmer with substance. That’s the kind of cosmic confidence that has you Feelin’ Libra-ted!

You prove that harmony can also bode with your shade Feelin’ Libra-ted, a shimmery violet that’s beyond balanced to make the most of any moment. 


Scorpio Seduction (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio Seduction

Whoever said that magic isn’t real has never met you, Scorpio!

Even a casual brush with your vivid charms can leave a lasting impact. Your mystique is impossible to ignore. It’s no wonder that so many fall under your spell! Captivating? Naturally. Alluring? Always. Hard to crack? Without a doubt! You’re not going to spill your secrets. You know there’s power in maintaining the mystery. The best way to build intrigue is by keeping them guessing. Your heart is a deep, dreamy pool of complexity—you pull your carefully selected admirers in. Besides, you’re not meant for everyone. Your smart style may attract curious admirers, but can they match your magnetism? Will they be inspired, not threatened, by your cool composure? You’ll be the judge of that. A celebration of depth and passion: that’s Scorpio Seduction.

Sometimes, the romance is in the subtlety. That’s why your shade is Scorpio Seduction, is a pearly cobalt that’s mysterious AF. Your colorscope is here to remind you that you don’t have to give all your beauty secrets away. 


Big Sagittarius Energy (November 22-December 21)

Big Sagittarius Energy

Daring Sagittarius, what are you seeking?

You’re the zodiac’s resident adventurer, so the answer might be everything. Unafraid of a quest, you boldly brave uncharted territory. Exploration? Discovery? Yes, please! You take the road less traveled, making lemons out of lemonade, meeting the unknown with fiery zeal. You’re the tour guide, the sightseer, the life of the party. What does it mean to have Big Sagittarius Energy? It means that you always trust your instincts. It means living out loud. It means never turning down the chance to see the world through fresh eyes. You chase the most vivid dreams, the riches reds and the hottest heat. After all, life is about the journey, not the destination. So, aim your archer’s arrow at your next visionary target. The galaxy is at your fingertips!

You’re not afraid—you can handle the heat. That’s why your shade is Big Sagittarius Energy, a burgundy pearl that’s pure fire. You’re sure to bring it wherever you go. 


Feelin' Capricorn-y (December 22-January 19)

Feelin' Capricorn-y

Serious, stoic, solemn… do these terms truly define you, Capricorn?

Your horoscope tends to pigeonhole you as a workaholic, fueled by ambition and ready to strike out for success. But they should know better than to judge a book by its cover! Sure, you can be driven and mission-oriented, but beneath your commanding presence is a softness. You have wisdom and wit that makes you shine. That subtlety, and dare we say playfulness, is reserved only for those in the know. You may have a reputation for playing hardball, but your sense of humor is unmatched. You’re living proof that you can be a power player and still bring the biting wit. Stick in the mud? Not you—more like a hidden gem! You shimmer with shades of joy. Whether you’re dolling out sage advice or sass, you deliver nothing but the best.

Your shade? Feelin' Capricorn-y, is a sage green shimmer that brings the wit. Your undiscovered depths shine for those lucky enough to be on the inside of the joke.


Aquarius Renegade (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius Renegade

Aquarius, you need no introduction.

Whether you’re breaking the rules or smashing glass ceilings, your uncompromising nature sets you apart from the herd. Always a leader, never a follower. You’re a true original, never to be outdone, and never predictable or boring! You can turn even a classic navy into a cosmic party full of stars. You keep them guessing–innovation is your game! Enigmatic style? Eccentric taste? You might say that. But you’re also a humanitarian, advocating the power of the people, fighting for everyone’s right to authentically shine. You champion the outcast, celebrating what makes every person unique. Your savvy attitude and your humble heart make you a true blue! So defy convention and start your personal revolution! We dare anyone to put you in a box.

New ideas, new looks— you catch eyes wherever you strike out. Your shade is Aquarius Renegade, a navy blue pearl that doesn’t follow the rules. Forget them!


Pisces the Future (Feb 19-March 20)

Pisces the Future

Mystical Pisces, no one knows magic better than you!

Yours is a world of enchantment, where imagination runs the show and your creative well never runs dry. A sensitivity to the energies and emotions of people and places has made you a compassionate soul. Your powerful AF intuition shines out like a pearly aura everyone can feel. You can often be found swimming through psychic seas, following your bliss, and feeling your fantasy. Yet, life isn’t always smooth sailing, and refusing to remove the rose-colored glasses can sometimes land you in sticky situations. Luckily, following your intuition will always steer you clear of stormy waters. Peace, presence, poetry... the future is looking bright! In need of inspiration? You have only to look within!

Magic is real, and you’re here to make it happen. That’s why your colorscope shade is Pisces the Future, a light blue pearl that’s totally psychic (just like you.)