Nail Care

Introducing the New ProSpa Range

OPI ProSpa introduces the first & only professional salon skincare line that brings the quality & efficacy of facial skincare to premium products developed specifically for hands & feet. Set your salon apart with new luxurious manicure & pedicure formulas designed to nourish & protect skin while helping to stop the signs of ageing before they start.

Experience the Luxury of OPI ProSpa

We know how harsh the elements and constant exposure can be on your clients’ hands and feet. Dry skin and cuticles, age spots, and dull, uneven skin tone are all common issues that we nail professionals have heard from our clients during services. With new OPI ProSpa, you can treat these common issues while providing your clients with a luxurious manicure and pedicure experience, using products formulated to nourish, protect, and stop the signs of aging. Keep reading to learn more.

OPI has reinvented traditional hand and foot care with our new ProSpa line, the first and only professional salon skincare line that brings the quality and efficacy of facial skincare to premium products created specifically for hands and feet.

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Elevate your services

OPI ProSpa products combined with OPI’s tiered manicure and pedicure services are designed to enable you as a Nail Technician to provide the utmost care for your clients by addressing their individual needs. Developed to transform clients hands, feet and salon experience, OPI’s new ProSpa collection has been created in collaboration with a world-renowned dermatologist with products that borrow best practices from facial skincare including formula technologies and ingredients.

Our secret ingredient: Dermatologist expertise

To develop this first-of-its-kind salon offering, OPI teamed with Dr. Zena Gabriel, a practicing dermatologist and expert in her field. Combining her skincare savvy with OPI’s knowledge of all things mani/pedi, we created a line of salon specific formulas that offer noticeable and significant results. They don’t just smell amazing; they also work! The new range, is available now, will redefine skincare in the professional nail salon environment and deliver the ultimate in moisturisation, protection and prevention.