5 Reasons You Should be Using a Base Coat

OPI Base Coat
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    Hey OPI Obsessed, today we’re getting down to base-ics, with a refresh on all things base coats. (See what we did there?) Is base coat necessary for nail polish? Of course! Read on to find out more about base coat nail polishes, and some tips to ensure your mani stays on point with a round up of 5 reasons you should be using them.


    1. Top Coat is Important too!


      Proper application of all steps is key to making nail polish last. Be sure to start with properly prepped nails and apply 1 even coat of base coat to start, for OPI Nail Lacquer application start with OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, and for OPI Infinite Shine application start with OPI Infinite Shine Primer-- this will allow additional color application layers to have optimum sticking power and ensures less chipping! Because no one likes a chipped mani.

      Natural Nail Base Coat

      OPI Infinite Shine Primer

    2. OPI's Brightening Base Coat


      Base coat nail polishes in general help prevent any staining that might occur, especially from darker nail polish shades, but certain base coats work a little extra when it comes to stain fighting. Our OPI Infinite Shine Treatment Primers are like a base coat nail polish and treatment in one! These nutrient-rich formulas like the OPI Infinite Shine Brightening Primer contain antioxidant-rich lotus flower oil and bamboo extract to help brighten nails that may already be stained and helps prevent future staining from happening.


      Read the blog below to find out more about the full line up.


      What is the difference between nail primer and base coat? A true nail primer is a product that creates cross-linking adhesion and is typically found in professional product systems like acrylics for example. The acrylic product becomes ‘bonded’ with the nail primer to help provide stronger sticking power to the natural nail.

    3. OPI Nail Envy


      Weak nails are no match for OPI Nail Envy or OPI Natural Nail Strengthener, use these in place of your regular base coat nail polish for a little extra support. The hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium in OPI Nail Envy work together to provide harder, stronger, and longer natural nails, and Natural Nail Strengthener works by building in layers of added strength and support where needed.

      SHOP All treatments and strengtheners

      Want to learn more about the full lineup of OPI Nail Envy products?


    4. OPI Ridge Filler


      We mentioned our OPI Infinite Shine Brightening Primer earlier, but we can’t stop there! These magical treatment primers do wonders, especially when it comes to nail ridges. Nail ridges are usually harmless and can be a sign of vitamin deficiencies (like vitamin A, B-12, protein, calcium, iron or zinc). Another cause could be Onychorrhexis, a longitudinal ridging that can result in splits (similar to split ends in hair) at the free edge.

      The OPI Infinite Shine Ridge Filler Primer helps condition and smooth the nail surface prior to Infinite Shine color application.


      Want to know more about nail ridges? Check out our blog on How to Fix Nail Ridges and What Causes Them, and take the OPI Nail Clinic Quiz to learn more about common nail problems like these.




    5. Don't forget the top coat!


      Thanks to all of the amazing benefits mentioned above like stain prevention, increased strength and smoothness for example, as a whole, base coat nail polishes truly are the key to allowing your nail polish’s true color to shine through!

      Be sure to follow any color application with a final step of top coat nail polish. What is the difference between base coat and top coat nail polish? Top coats like OPI Top Coat and OPI Infinite Shine Gloss are the keys to high shine manicures. They keep color true during normal wear and ensure manicures are long-lasting.


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