A Complete Guide to OPI’s STAR LIGHT Gel Lamp

A Complete Guide to OPI’s STAR LIGHT Gel Lamp
  • A Complete Guide to OPI’s STAR LIGHT Gel Lamp

    OPI’s STAR LIGHT can do so much to improve your manis and your business. In addition to its sturdy drop-resistant structure* that withstands all your oops moments, our new LED light has a lot of bells and whistles that will up your nail game. Here’s how to use it and what you should know.

    *Resistant to functional damage after accidental drops.


    1. How To Use STAR LIGHT

      First, plug the adaptor cord into the back of your lamp, then plug into an outlet. Flip the power switch ON – the time automatically sets to 30 seconds, so be sure to select your desired time using the 5, 30, 60, and 90 sec. buttons below the screen. Hate the beeping noise? No problem. Press and hold the “3s” button to shift between tone and silent mode. Watch the video for more.

    2. STAR LIGHT Hand Plate

      Pedicure Service? Easy. Simply remove the hand plate and pull out the adjustable feet for a comfortable pedicure.

      What we love about the hand plate is that it’s simple to use. The flat plate guides the hand to proper placement for precision curing. When a hand is inserted, feel for the 5 - finger stopper guide which features 4 grooves for fingers and a pad for clear thumb placement. Unlike our older lamps, we designed the finger stoppers to blend in with the plate’s flat surface to ensure your client is comfortable.

    3. How to clean STAR LIGHT

      One major bonus is its grey finish. This won’t show dust, dirt, or imperfections like white or black designs, but when you need to clean it, here’s how: between services, remove the hand plate, wash, and allow it to dry. Follow that up by spraying the plate with EPA registered cleaning solution on both sides, then wipe it down. When the lamp is unplugged and cool, wipe down the interior and exterior with a disinfectant cloth or cleaning solution, making sure you avoid the LED diodes.

      If you get gel polish on the lamp, no sweat. STAR LIGHT is acetone resistant thanks to its OPI Resist Polymer exterior, so either clean gel off with N.A.S. 99, or if it’s cured, use lacquer remover.

      Extra features: We added a steel handle for easy transportation to and from stations or jobs. Rubber feet allow for stability (no more sliding around!), and we created a wide opening and spacious interior for a variety of hand sizes.

    4. For a more in-depth breakdown of how long STAR LIGHT lasts, how sturdy it is, and its precision curing, check out this blog.


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