Are your nails Mardi Gras ready?

Are your nails Mardi Gras ready?
  • Are your nails Mardi Gras ready?

    With beads, masks, and a rainbow of feather boas, Mardi Gras is not a holiday renowned for minimalism. Known as Fat Tuesday, it’s exactly 47 days before Easter, marking the official end of the Carnival season and the kickstart to the holy period of Lent.

    1. Get Mardi Gras ready nails

      Where do we celebrate? Why New Orleans of course, the inspiration for one of our most iconic collections and the home of jazz, rhythm and serious soul food. Falling this year on March 5th, this bank holiday is filled with parades and parties along Bourbon Street. Whether you’re by the Big Easy or not you can get into the festivities with a Mardi Gras inspired manicure. Just look to our favorite shades from the New Orleans Collection, featuring Mardi Gras’ celebratory colors — purple, green, and gold. Represent justice, faith and power with I'm Sooo Swamped!, I Manicure For Beads, and gold foils. Then get ready to say ‘Laissez les bons temps rouler!’

      Shop the shade: I’M SOOO SWAMPED!

      Shop the shade: I MANICURE FOR BEADS

      Don’t forget to share your Mardi Gras nails using the hashtag #OPIObsessed.

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