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    March 20–Spring Equinox, the equalizing of light in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. March 21. Saturn enters Aquarius! Big deal considering that Saturn has spent the last 2.5 years in Capricorn. ALERT! If you were born February 6, 1991–June 30, 1993, you are now in your Saturn return, but you’ll want to check the exact degree to see when this happens. Despite its daunting reputation, it’s actually a rite of passage and a beautiful maturing one at that. Congratulations, you’ll finally become an adult and will learn more about how you handle responsibility. Saturn is the planet of maturation, time management, and stability, so in general, Saturn, while in Aquarius, it’s here to make sure that our ideas, how we are contributing to society, or that our radical approaches are intact! The internet, organizations, how you contribute to the future–are all being stabilized and becoming more definite. Aries Season! When the excitement of action propels you into motion. Aries season is when we balance inaction through action; when we permit ourselves to go after what we want, and when we honor our will and ability to assert our will. This season is about putting yourself first and not being afraid to make wrong choices, or to second guess yourself. Now is when you want to strengthen your gut instinct, to take action, and to pay more attention to what your body is telling you. A noteworthy thought during Aries season is if you don’t trust yourself, then who can you trust? Bold, brave, and direct is where you ought to be this season. Imagine being unapologetic about what you need, and finding the innocence in being honest. *We aren’t condoning carelessness or harm unto others, only self-respect.
    1. Linger Over Coffee

      The moon is holding Chiron, which in turn means this New Moon is reminding you that sensitivity only makes you more in touch and thus more powerful. Actions taken in haste are often regretted–and life’s too short for regrets. This season is about cultivating of right action. Saturn in Aquarius is supporting you to align with the right people.

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      Color: Remedy color. Alluring, subtle, balancing.

      Love: Venus moving into Gemini on April 3 gifts you a golden and seductive tongue. The Full Moon opposite your sign in Libra on April 7 helps you to find a better balance in relationships. You bring a lot of passion and vigor in your relationships.

      Career: Saturn moving into Aquarius on March 21 helps you to further your career goals but only through discernment of your associations. If you don’t take your dreams seriously, no one else will.

      Money: Golden during the first two weeks this season. Only "spend" on items and people that you value, never out of obligation.


      Venus, your planet is in your sign until April 2–spend the first two weeks this season focusing on a personal physical and spiritual make-over. Saturn moving into Aquarius on March 21 will be challenging you to take your reputation seriously. You’ve walked through fire this past year; now it’s time to show what you’re made of.

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      Color: Complete me color.  Reminds you of your own beauty, alluring, feminine, strong. 

       Love: March 21, 22, and 26 are meaningful days for you–mark your calendar and say yes if you receive an invitation! 

      Career: To stay on top of your game, there is something more you can be learning. Sign-up for that class, or book that trip on March 21 + April 4. 

      Money: Your admiration of beauty often leads you to more money. The Full Moon in Libra on April 7 reminds you to prioritize your spiritual health to have more success in work.

    3. I'll Have A Gin And Tectonic

       Your planet is in Pisces until April 11 when it moves into Aries until then experiencing a little communication breakdown would be normal; Instead of focusing on too much on logic or hearsay, instead, focus on the poetic transmission that can be felt in the meaning of words. Saturn moving into Aquarius means that you’re refining your beliefs and ideas about the world. Continued education is a must. 

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      Color: Complete me color.  Intuitive, comforting, emotionally, stimulating. 

      Love: Venus moving into your sign on April 3 + the Full Moon in fellow air sign Libra on April 7 speaks of romance and adventure through social media and friends. 

      Career: The New Moon on March 24 opens doors and opportunities through others. Play nice. 

      Money: After April 3, when Venus moves into your sign, you’ll be able to capitalize on your innovative ideas!

    4. Tanacious Spirit

      Spring Equinox ignites your public image, and with major alignments in Capricorn this season–March 20 Jupiter and Mars + April 4 Jupiter and Pluto, you are reworking your boundaries in relationships. You need security–both emotional and financial–Saturn moving into Aquarius motivates you to create both. 

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      Color:  Complete me color. Neutral, healthy, strong–like your cardinal spirit. 

      Love: Love means a commitment to yourself this season, and romance is felt when you can be social with your partner. 

      Career: The New and Full Moons + Capricorn alignments are aligning you to more significant work opportunities–stay true to yourself and know that you’ve worked hard to get here. 

      Money: Put yourself out there–word of mouth + social media boost your income this month.

    5. Don't Toot My Flute

      Sometimes, it takes another person to realize who you are and what you need. This season marks a turning point in your relationship with others. You value respect, commitment, and are willing to fight for it. Just remember to take a beat before reacting. The New Moon on March 24 ignites your mind in the best of ways!

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      Color: Remedy color. Although you love purple, this color allows you to see alternate perspectives. 

      Love: After April 3, being social makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you attract more love and admiration. Saturn moving opposite your sign in Aquarius means that your standards are higher in a relationship, and you’re willing to work hard for what you want.

      Career: The first two weeks of the season, your reputation at work is buying you Klout.

      Money: Money flow is a result of your hard work and talent; ask for what you’re worth.

    6. My Favorite Gal Pal

      This season is about valuing yourself and being diligent about radical self-care. Saturn moving into Aquarius on March 21–means busy, hard-working, and that your health will take a toll unless you devote more time to wellness, especially sleep. Be brave and willing to structure your life in a way that’s ideal for you. 

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      Color:  Remedy color. Rejuvenating, mentally soothing, empowering. 

      Love: Mercury opposite your sign in Pisces until April 11, inspires unconditional love. 

      Career: Creativity births new possibilities. Plan free time, bask in the creative process; in fact, schedule time for it. 

      Money: The New and Full Moons are helping you to find a better balance.

    7. From Here to Eternity

      The New and Full Moon are centered on relationship for you this season and are encouraging you to think less and to feel more–to tap into your passionate nature, your gut instinct. Saturn will positively support you to value life more and to make the most out of it. 

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      Color: Remedy color. Vibrant, spontaneous, and full of life. 

      Love: Saturn in Aquarius is stabilizing your romantic life, making you more discerning, and serious about what fun means to you. Aries season means relationship season for you. Be mindful of who you’re meeting around the New Moon on March 24.

      Career: Your home life is shifting in favor of your career–give it time. Partners lend a helping hand. 

      Money: More money comes when you take your talents seriously. Be willing to experiment.

    8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mountains

      This season, you feel more alive, vital, and motivated to live more healthfully. Saturn moving into Aquarius on March 21 will challenge you to focus on family matters for the next couple of years, but Uranus still in your sign reminds you to try a different approach. Color:

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      Remedy color. Sensual, lighthearted, receptive. 

      Love: Deep, intimate, titillating, playful yet entangling if you’ll let it be. 

      Career: The New Moon on March 24 gifts you new work opportunities

      Money: The second half of this season looks promising, especially when you communicate like a Boss.

    9. Kanpai OPI!

      This season is about having fun, playing, creating, and taking innovative risks. Saturn moving into Aquarius on March 21 will positively support you to transform your thoughts into ideas, to communicate more effectively, and to heal the relationship with your environment and that way in which it affects you.

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      Color: Remedy me color. Balanced, fair, harmoniously stimulating. 

       Love: The New and Full Moon this season could turn a friendship or casual fling into more.  

      Career: You’re doing what you love, trust that it will turn into more. 

      Money: More money means more freedom, but asking for it takes tact.

    10. Up Front & Personal

      Busy, meaningful, life-changing would probably be an understatement. The Truth is Jupiter, the planet of luck is still in your sign and makes powerful aspects on March 20 and April 4–these aspects give you the magnetism and will power to transform your life into something truly incredible. Saturn, your planet moving into Aquarius on March 21, will mean that you continue to take yourself too seriously, but only if you want to.

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      Color: Complete me color. 

      Love: Love happens when you’ll let it. Right now, you’re rebirthing yourself–if your life isn’t spicy and romantic right now, who cares. If it is, then lucky you. 

      Career: Where you’re invested is in your life plan. The New and Full Moon are reminding you that to have lasting success, and you need to prioritize what matters most to you. 

      Money: Financial flow happens when you realize that you’re able to multitask. 

    11. Beyond the Pale Pink

      Welcome to your first Saturn Return, it’s not as scary as it sounds, it just means that you’re becoming an adult and will need to take life more seriously, and thus yourself too. One illuminating question to ask yourself is, what am I here to contribute to the world uniquely? Your perspective is unlike anyone else’s; you indeed are unique. 


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      Color:  Remedy color. Strength, clarity, peace. 

       Love: After April 3, expect a deeper connection and to be more mentally stimulated. Love means talking about all the possibilities!

      Career: Career happens when you happen. 

      Money: Is flowing when you connect to your higher self and communicate from a place of trust and inner knowing.

    12. Girl Without Limits


      Mercury is in your sign until April 11, so make the most out by expressing your artistic side. Saturn moving into Aquarius on March 21 implies that the next two years will be spent profoundly contemplating the meaning of life. Carve out more time for spiritual practice and alone time to feel restored.


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      Complete me color

      Love: This season, love is felt through the adventure with a person you feel most comfortable with. 

      Career: Your associations will carry you far. Notice who is entering and leaving your life now, nourish only quality relationships. Invest your time wisely. 

      Money: Flows when you are honoring you trust that you are apart of the universe.

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