Aries Season: April Horoscopes

Aries Season: April Horoscopes
  • Aries Season: April Horoscopes

    Welcome back to another month of coloroscopes from OPI! We’re here to make sure that not only are the stars aligned in your favor, but also the nail shades as well. We’re dedicated to empowering you through color, this guide below can give you the right shade for the right mood. Read below for in-depth horoscope coverage of this month - highlighting the sign of Aries!

    Match and Balance 101:

    Beyond your horoscope below, we’ve also included a suggestion for the shade that is your best “match” or “balance” for the sign of Pisces.

    Your “match” shade: this is a shade/hue you would usually go for. You’ll find confidence in this color and feel aligned.

    Your “balance” shade: not your usual go-to shade, but you should consider outside of your comfort zone because you will feel more balanced when wearing this color.

    All Things Aries:

    The ram, or the better known as the one who wears the golden fleece, also known as the fire starter. The First sign in the zodiac wheel–attributed to the vernal, or Spring Equinox March 20– initiating a time of rebirth and renewal in the northern hemisphere. Just as the destruction of a fire cleanses and births new life, Spring, or “Aries season” is a time of great physical momentum and new beginnings. Spring is when we all feel excited and motivated to turn a new leaf and to start new projects, initiate ideas, and to quite literally plant seeds that will later be tended to by the gardeners of the zodiac, Taurus–the sign after Aries. Each sign plays a vital role in our ecosystem–Aries is where all things begin and are initiated, but are not necessarily carried out, leave that to the other signs! This season we have two Full Moons in Libra March 21 + April 19, and Mercury Direct (no longer retrograde) on March 28.

    1. OPI A Great Opera-tunity


      It’s fitting that Mercury will no longer be retrograde this month, and probably equally exciting that Mars, your planet moves into Gemini where you’ll be more energized from talking with your friends and family. The two Full Moons in Libra across from you reaffirm your need to do things your way. The New Moon on April 5 in your sign shines a major spotlight on your approach to life–remember that direct is always better but your delivery can always be better.

      Aries is a fire sign: Direct, action-oriented, and physical by nature. The element fire is associated with human will, confidence, and the passion to stir (activate) and create. Most fire signs are born with alluring confidence, pioneering spirit, and fearlessness. Like the Sun, they burn hot with vital life force energy.

      SHOP the shade: A Great Opera-tunity

      Your balancing shade. If you opt for a red now, you’re likely to overpower everyone around you despite how good it feels. This color suits your needs now.

    2. OPI Tagus in that Selfie


      Mercury retrograde allowed you to realize who your true friends and counterparts are, and now it’s time to let them know how much you appreciate their shoulder to lean on. The Full Moons in Libra will be reminding you of just how much you’ve outgrown your work or at the very least your schedule. The time is now and you’d be better prepared by implementing another strategy. Mars shifting gears on March 31 can boost your confidence big time!

      SHOP the shade: Tagus in that selfie

      This is your balancing shade. This shade will serve as a reminder of what’s important.

    3. OPI No Stopping Me Now


      You can breathe a big sigh of relief now that your planet, Mercury, straightens out and Mars enters your sign on March 31. This should give you a nice boost of energy. Simultaneously the planet of Luck, Jupiter has been giving you major relationship insight for the past year but goes retrograde on April 10; this means that you’ll have to start making a game plan for how to have a more fulfilling love life.

      SHOP the shade: No stopping me now

      This shade is a perfect match for you! You love a neon orange, this reinvigorates your mind and spirit.

    4. OPI Big Apple Red


      Think of this month as a personal and public life recalibration. Mercury waking up has given you a clearer sense of direction that will have a direct effect on those around you – so get excited! Mars in Gemini on March 31 is probing your subconscious for hidden and untapped resources.

      SHOP the shade: Big Apple Red

      This is your match shade! It will help reveal your hidden strengths.

    5. OPi Reykjavik Has All the Hotspots


      This month is about exercising the endings of unequally reciprocated conversations, emotions, and ideas that have outworn their cycle. Put things and people to rest, trusting that there is more that awaits you in the future. Try to step out of your comfort zone a bit more. The Sun in Aries, also a fire sign should give you a stronger sense of positivity!


      This is your match this season. You love a good purple, especially with some sheen.

    6. OPI Pearl of Wisdom


      Those whom you have differences with are also your friends. This month on March 26, Venus moves across from your sign into Pisces which makes for smoother relationships and more opportunities through others – so play nice! The Sun in Aries is igniting your passion all month long, so try to focus on how you can feel more empowered with the intensity.

      SHOP the shade: Pearl of wisdom

      Your balance shade. This isn’t your normal cup of tea, but it’s exactly what you need.

    7. OPI Color So Hot it Berns


      This month may feel like groundhogs day, but really it’s just so that you can notice the glaringly obvious and things that feel repetitive so that you can make improvements and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Try to change each day up a bit. The Full Moons in your signs are nudging you not to be such a people pleaser.

      SHOP the shade: Color So Hot It Berns

      Your match this month. It will help you feel liberated when you look down at your nails!

    8. OPI Aloha from OPI


      This month you’re energized by a romance and a more robust routine. Your idea of romance is poetry, seductive communication, and mystery. Plan to indulge your mind and body into healthful activities while avoiding escapism. The Full Moons on March 21 and April 19 will continue to remind you that it's here and now that matters most.

      SHOP the shade: Aloha from OPI

      This shade is your perfect match this month! Just your caliber!

    9. OPI... Eurso Euro


      Consider this month a time of reflection. Mercury will no longer be retrograde as of March 28, but your planet, Jupiter goes into retrograde on April 10. Yes, this means a standstill in your projects; however, all of this built up momentum will help you launch things in an even more larger and more sustainable way. Stay grateful and positive for all that you have.

      SHOP the shade: OPI Eurso Euro

      This is your match shade. It will remind you of your strong self-confidence!

    10. OPI Lisbon Wants Moore OPI


      Less work and more play. Jupiter retrograde on April 10 is taking you back in time and revealing the missing links–stay patient and steadfast while trying to get to the bottom of things. The Full and New Moons this month will encourage you to keep your work/home life more in balance–surrender.


      This is your balance shade. It will help you loosen the reigns a bit and feel more at ease.

    11. OPI Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie


      Consider this month a free card to focus on yourself. Long-term acquaintances and long-term goals will all be there waiting in the wings. Take time to value yourself, your artful imagination, and your inventive spirit. Allocate time to nurture these qualities. This will allow yourself to meander a bit and will give you that reboot you need.

      SHOP the shade: Aphrodite's Pink Nightie

      You’ll feel balanced in this shade. It’s whimsical and gentle, exactly what you need to feel grounded.

    12. OPI Kyoto Pearl


      Pisces: All signs point to your independence, financial abundance, and harmony. Venus moves into your sign on March 26 gracing you with a little more confidence and magic. The Sun and New Moon in Aries on April 5 and 21–scream opportunities! Have your laces tied!

      SHOP the shade: Kyoto Pearl

      This shade is balancing for you. Shiny and alluring, just what you need!

    13. OPI Astrologer Rose Theodora


      Rose Theodora is a long time astrologer and writer. With a degree from UCLA in neuroscience + art, and a long list of name brand clientele–Theodora is expert when it comes to color and lifestyle. Each month she'll be selecting polish colors that are thoughtfully selected with your sign and the current astrological landscape in mind. You can read for your Sun sign, Moon sign, or Rising sign here.

      To learn more and to get an astrological reading, you can contact Theodora here, or follow her on Instagram for daily updates.

      Aries Season is the time to be confident and try some new shades with a fiery passion. Visit your favorite salon, treat yourself to the full spa treatment, and maybe even dabble with some DIY nail art.

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