Butterfly Nail Art Challenge

Butterfly Nail Art Challenge
  • Butterfly Nail Art Challenge

    Over the next few weeks, we are turning to the healing powers of color to help us navigate through these times. Our nail art challenges are highlighting the colors of the rainbow. For this butterfly nail art challenge, we focused on orange, the color that embodies confidence, success, and bravery. Try it and tag your pics with @opi and #ColorIsTheAnswer. for a chance to be featured!

    Here’s how to participate in the challenge:
    1. Create a butterfly nail art look with your favorite orange OPI shade.
    2. Snap a nailfie, tell us how the color(s) you choose help you heal, transform your mood, or empower you, and share it by tagging us @opi and #ColorIsTheAnswer.

    Looking for inspiration? Check out pro @amyytran’s look below to recreate or make one that’s all your own.

    1. Butterfly Nail Art Challenge

      1. Apply one coat of Nail Envy as a base coat and two coats of Hue is the Artist? and let dry.
      2. Take a dotting tool and using My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore two medium-sized dots close together and then two smaller dots below the medium-sized dots
      3. Grab a thin brush create a heart shape to connect all the dots.
      4. Then create a little triangle at the top of the two circles to create the points for the wings.
      5. Grab Black Onyx and apply an oval shape for the body.
      6. Next, take a tiny dotting tool or toothpick and apply two dots for the butterfly’s antenna.
      7. Then draw a thin curved line connecting to the body.
      8. Let nails dry and apply Top Coat.

    2. If you are looking for more ways to help us paint a rainbow, follow along on our Instagram to discover the featured shades of the week. Snap a pic of your nails in your favorite OPI shade of the rainbow and remember to tag us @OPI.

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