Dipping Powders to Fall For

Dipping Powders for Fall
  • Dipping Powders for Fall

    Fall is right around the corner, which means it's time to elevate your nails with new dipping powder shades. Our most recent collection, Downtown LA, has OPI Powder Perfection shades that are perfect for autumn. These shades are also available in nail polish and gel polish but enjoy your mani a little longer with dipping powder. Save these shades for when you can see your nail tech next.


    1. (P)Ink on Canvas

      A pastel crème blush dipping powder for your own interpretation. A pink dipping powder that thinks outside the box. Let your inner artist shine with this cheerful shade.

      (P)ink on Canvas

    2. 7th & Flower

      Bloom into a magenta motif with this dipping powder ode to Downtown LA. A bold dipping powder that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Bring a pop of color to the Financial District with this raspberry-pink shade.

      7th & Flower

    3. Abstract After Dark

      A shimmery midnight purple dipping powder that will spark your creativity. A glimmering blue-purple dipping powder that pairs historic DTLA with new revival. Refresh your manicure with this updated version of our iconic shade Lincoln Park After Dark.

      Abstract After Dark

    4. Graffiti Sweetie

      Make a statement with this perfectly sweet crème lilac dipping powder. This lilac shade doesn’t care for labels. Let your true colors show with this efflorescent dipping powder.

      Graffiti Sweetie

    5. OPI ❤️ DTLA

      A deep downtown gray dipping powder you’ll absolutely fall for. This dusty gray dipping powder has captured our hearts. From Little Tokyo to the Arts District, this contemporary shade embodies grit and glamour.

      OPI ❤️ DTLA

    6. Violet Visionary

      Hue will be posing in this rich violet crème dipping powder? This bold plum shade knows what it wants. Let yourself get carried away by this idealistic fruit-colored dipping powder.

      Violet Visionary

    7. Dip into durability with dipping powders designed to give you confidence, with OPI Powder Perfection.


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