Experience the Luxury of OPI ProSpa

Experience the Luxury of OPI ProSpa - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • Experience the Luxury of OPI ProSpa - The Drop Blog by OPI

    Get ready to pamper yourself with the new face of Mani/Pedi Skincare - OPI ProSpa.


    We know how harsh the elements and constant exposure can be on hands and feet. Dry skin and cuticles, age spots, and dull, uneven skin tone are all common issues that we nail professionals have heard from our clients during services. With OPI ProSpa, you can treat these common issues while providing your clients with a luxurious manicure and pedicure experience, using products formulated to nourish, protect, and stop the signs of aging. Keep reading to learn more.


    OPI has reinvented traditional hand and foot care with our new ProSpa line, the first and only professional salon skincare line that brings the quality and efficacy of facial skincare to premium products created specifically for hands and feet.


    Developed with the expertise of a practicing dermatologist, the OPI ProSpa line offers noticeable and significant results. They don’t just smell amazing; they also work! The products use high-quality facial ingredients and technologies to offer the same soothing, protective, and rejuvenating benefits to hands and feet.

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    The main hero ingredients include:

    • Cupuaçu Butter [koo-poo-wah-sue]: Brazilian superfruit with 9 essential fatty acids that aid in unparalleled moisture; 9 free-radical fighting antioxidants that protect skin; and Niacin (B3) for moisturizing and anti-aging benefits

    • White Tea: Antioxidants to protect skin from free radical damage; contains active compounds to prevent environmental damage; aids in prevention of collagen and elastin breakdown

    OPI ProSpa, ProSpa, Manicure, Pedicure, Spa, Salon, Spa Services, OPI, ingredients, skincare

    Additional beneficial ingredients include:

    • Daisy Extract to brighten

    • Vitamin C to provide antioxidants and brighten skin

    • Lavender for its soothing and antibacterial properties

    • Avocado Lipid Complex to nourish and hydrate

    • Peptides to help boost collagen


    The ProSpa line consists of 14 effective products, ranging from creams to scrubs to oils, with several of them offered in a variety of sizes, to help elevate your salon experience.


    We’ve highlighted five of our top standout product choices below. Experience them all and slip your clients into a state of pampered relaxation.

    1. OPI ProSpa, ProSpa, Micro Exfoliating Hand Polish, Salon, Services, Spa Services, OPI

      Using professional grade micro-dermabrasion developed specifically for the hands, ProSpa Micro-Exfoliating Hand Polish gently polishes rough, dry skin to even out skin tone, and uses Vitamin C to help brighten and promote radiance in the hands. The cupuaçu butter is ultra-nourishing, while white tea extract fights free-radicals and protects the skin. This hand polish is the perfect way to enhance your client’s manicure experience. Available in 3 sizes.

    2. OPI ProSpa, ProSpa, Moisture Whip Massage Cream, Salon, Services, Spa Services, OPI

      With a soufflé-like texture, the Moisture Whip Massage Cream strikes the perfect balance between slip and absorption, making it ideal for relaxing and soothing massage treatments. Cupuaçu, shea, and cocoa butters are blended for intense hydration. Skin is kept looking youthful and protected from free radicals with collagen-building peptides and white tea extract. Use during manicures and pedicures to moisturize while massaging with this decadent cream. Available in 4 sizes.

    3. OPI ProSpa, ProSpa, Moisture Bonding Ceramide Spray, Salon, Services, Spa Services, OPI

      This feather-light Moisture Bonding Ceramide Spray helps reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier while protecting and nourishing. The cupuaçu butter helps soften and restore moisture balance, along with the ultra-hydrating ceramides. Vitamin E and white tea extract help to neutralize and fight free radicals, to improve and protect skin. Available in 3 sizes.

    4. OPI ProSpa, ProSpa, Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm, Salon, Services, Spa Services, OPI

      Restore dry, callused soles with the ProSpa Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm. Start your pedicure service with this softening foot and heel treatment that relieves severe dryness and softens the soles of feet. Lactic acid exfoliates and smoothes dead skin cells, while chamomile helps soothe itchiness caused by dry skin. Cupuaçu butter and avocado lipid complex restores moisture balance and helps deeply hydrate, for smooth, soft skin. Ideal for in-salon treatments or overnight intensive therapy, this callus balm offers the perfect pedicure for dry and tired feet. Available in 3 sizes.

    5. OPI ProSpa, ProSpa, Protective Hand Serum, Salon, Services, Spa Services, OPI

      The ProSpa Protective Hand Serum helps nourish, brighten, and protect hands to fight the signs of aging before they start. The moisturizing advanced treatment serum has cupuaçu to nourish, daisy flower extract and vitamin C to brighten, white tea extracts to protect skin from free radicals, and collagen-building peptides to keep skin looking youthful. Available in 3 sizes.


      The other products in the line include:

      Offer your clients a superior mani/pedi experience with OPI ProSpa. Learn more about the full line of OPI ProSpa products at OPI.com. Contact your local distributor to purchase today!

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