Inside OPI: Our Favorite Shades for the Holidays

Inside OPI Holiday Edition
  • Inside OPI Holiday Edition

    2020 brings a holiday season like no other. We understand this year has been harder than most, so as part of our mission to destigmatize anxiety, depression, and uncertainty, we asked our team how they've found healing through the #PowerofColor and beyond. From personal experiences to advice and how they unwind with color, our OPI team has your back.

    1. Victoria: Digital Marketing Coordinator

      The shade I love from the Shine Bright holiday collection is Heart and Coal - dark shades look so great in the wintertime, and they compliment short nails as well. I usually wear my nails shorter in the winter to give them a break from extensions and focus on moisturizing and strengthening treatments. My winter mani routine includes Nail Envy, cuticle oil, and lots and lots of shea butter! I love shea butter in the winter because it’s so thick but non-greasy. When I use it to moisturize my hands, I find it also nourishes my nails and cuticles.
      A unique fresh tip is my go-to holiday nail art! I love minimalist nail art all year round, but I find a french mani works well from party to a formal dinner.
      The ProSpa item I can’t live without in the winter is cuticle oil. Period. Also this whole year has been nuts, but I’m most excited about creating a new holiday tradition with my loved ones. My family is pretty small and we usually travel each year to a new place (last year was Bali). Since that’s not in the cards, we’ll probably make a new holiday dish, or find a way to join forces and celebrate with friends who are just like family. I’m still creating a new lockdown holiday tradition, but I want to learn how to make apple pie!

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    2. Darlene: OPI Education Manager

      My favorite shade from the Shine Bright Collection is To All A Good Night - because I absolutely love gunmetal hardware and this shade feels like a new take on gun metal. This shade is the perfect dark grey blue with the right amount of shimmer.
      During the winter, I really up my moisturizing routine. I get paraffin treatments and apply cuticle oil twice a day. It gets really dry in LA and my skin and cuticles need extra TLC.
      My go-to holiday nail art is Candy Cane! I love candy cane nails for the holiday because it’s super fun, festive and easy. All you need is Alpine Snow, Big Apple Red, and a nail art brush. I had the cool opportunity to design the nail art looks for Shine Bright so if you want some inspo, definitely check out Candy Cane Bling.
      My ProSpa essentials for the winter is the Nail and Cuticle Oil. I leave it on my desk and apply at least once a day. I spend a lot of time at my desk so I keep my essentials there for easy access and for others, it might be their night stand.
      Covid has definitely made things harder but one tradition I have is making my special strawberry jello cheesecake with a macadamia crust. I know it sounds funny but it’s absolutely delicious!
      We also do a Covid test before family get-togethers to make sure we’re all negative. We did this before a family vacation to Lake Arrowhead during the summer. Even though everything was closed it was nice to have a change of scenery and be with family.

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    3. Noelyn: Social Media Coordinator

      My favorite #OPIShineBright shade is To All A Goodnight because I love the sparkle, and there is nothing else like it in my collection. My winter mani care routine is constantly applying Protective Hand, Nail and Cuticle Cream as well as Cuticle Oil. These two products really keep my hands/nails moisturized.
      Anything with glitter is my go-to holiday nail art. I love a good sparkly mani! ✨But I can't live without Cuticle Oil; it keeps my cuticles beautiful and moisturized.
      My favorite holiday tradition is when my siblings and I all gather at my parents' house for Christmas dinner. We all have separate lives so I love it when we all get together especially for the holidays.
      I have no new holiday lockdown traditions just yet. ?

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