Introducing OPI’s STAR LIGHT! A New Drop Resistant* Gel Lamp

Introducing OPI’s STAR LIGHT!
  • Introducing OPI’s STAR LIGHT!

    Over the years you’ve shared things like “I can’t find a lamp that lasts more than 6 to 12 months” and “this is a problem for my business because it can stop working at any time.” We heard you, which is why we’ve been working hard to design a lamp that won't let you down. Reliable, sturdy, and precise, we’re proud to introduce you to OPI’s STAR LIGHT, our new drop resistant* gel lamp with uniform curing that’s engineered to last – 2-year limited warranty guaranteed! Ergonomically designed and tested in collaboration with nail pros around the world, this premium LED light is Tough As Nails.

    *Resistant to functional damage after accidental drops.



    To get you acquainted, we’re answering the big questions you’re sure to have, so let’s go:


    1. Drop Resistant

      STAR LIGHT is made with 58% metal and 25% OPI Resist Polymer – this combination is what makes it incredibly durable, so if it falls off your workstation or someone bumps into it, it will resist functional damage. Consider this your sturdy sidekick from now on.

    2. STAR LIGHT Long Lasting
      We engineered STAR LIGHT to stick with you which is why we’re offering a 2 year limited warranty. It has been tested for thousands of hours under continuous use which is proven to be comparable to several years of salon usage.
    3. OPI STAR LIGHT Curing

      Inside, there’s a mirrored interior for even light distribution with 22 targeted LED diodes – this is what gives off the uniform light output allowing for precision curing across all 5 fingers and toes. We also created a removable hand plate wit h a 5 - finger stopper guide that ensures proper hand placement inside the lamp.

    4. OPI STAR LIGHT Design
      Making sure your clients are comfortable for every mani/pedi is extremely important to us, so we designed the lamp to dissipate heat through optimiz ed construction and heat emission vents in the back. On top of that, our 3 sec. and 5 sec. timer modes allow for precise flash curing which is designed to minimize heat spikes.
    5. OPI STAR LIGHT Ergonomic
      We worked with nail pros around the world to design a lamp that works better for you. To name a few things, we created a wide opening and spacious interior for a variety of hand and nail sizes, adjustable feet for more comfortable pedicures, and placed the digital timer and buttons in the rear so they face you while you’re working.
    6. OPI STAR LIGHT Clean Up
      Don’t worry, STAR LIGHT is acetone resistant! If wet nails bump into it or you spill a little gel, you can wipe it down with N.A.S. 99. If gel is accidentally cured onto the lamp, simply use lacquer remover to wipe it away.
    7. This is just a glimpse at all that STAR LIGHT has to offer. Stay tuned for our guide on how to use it, and if you have any questions, we’re here to answer. Follow and DM us @opi_professionals.

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