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OPI Libra Colorscope
  • OPI Libra Colorscope
    Happy solar return Libras! It’s going to be a crazy ride this season as your birth month starts with a Mercury retrograde in your sign, Libra. You might not be feeling as festive as your usual self. This is because Mercury retrograde is helping you reprocess yourself and your environment. What you really want, wants you, you just need time to gain clarity so you know how you can go about getting it. The New Moon in Libra is on October 6th at the 13°, another emphasis on being assertive! It’s not easy going through a retrograde during your birth month but it is meant to shake you out of your comfort. The Full Moon in Aries is on October 20th at the 27° highlighting an inner power struggle between what you need and what you want.
    1. 7th & Flower

      Stay cautious of drama and saying things you don’t mean out of emotion, this is something you usually don’t do, but the Moon brings a different side out of you than usual. Sometimes change is abrupt and dramatic, especially when we are avoiding it at all cost. This is a Full Moon of surrender, trust the process above the present situation. If something comes up it's meant to, to be activated and healed.

      Color: Your color of the month is 7th and flower by OPI. This magenta is just like you; beauty and grace. Above everything you carry yourself with grace and class, and it shows. The magenta is a reminder that you are an original woman, never forget it. No matter what's going on in your external world.

      Love: The beginning of the month you start out hyper-focused on love. But as the month progresses and situations occur you turn that love inward. On October 7th when Venus moves into Sagittarius you start to have more fun regardless of your personal situation.

      Career: There’s a strong emphasis on your career this month. You are able to manifest a new career opportunity. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, closed mouths don’t get fed.

      Finances: This month is a great time to go back over and review your financial situation. You might notice there are more ways you can save or invest your resources. Also for those of you who already have a bigger income make sure your books are in order.

      Health: It might be hard to find consistency with your health routine this month and that’s OK because it’s your birthday. It’s OK to indulge a little as long as you keep it balanced. Your life is meant to be enjoyed.



    2. Lincoln Park after Dark

      Avoid trying to explain your actions, you don’t need validation. The Full Moon in Aries on October 20th will be at the 27° highlighting your busy schedule and where you might need to slow down and ask for help. Trying to do everything on your own might create more resistance during this time. You don’t usually ask for much help so people will take you seriously.

      Color: Your color of the month is Lincoln Park after Dark by OPI. This beautiful midnight sky is deep and complex just like you, but if you look deeper you find peace and depth. You may have a lot of emotions but this is what makes you, you; and those who get to experience your beauty get to experience the exclusivity.

      Love: Love can be intense and addicting at the beginning of the month. You crave a deep love of being understood. After October 7th when Venus moves into Sagittarius you lighten up and become playful.

      Career: Your career should take center stage as there are many opportunities to be made during Libra season. The retrograde does not slow you down if anything it helps you refocus and realign to find more perfection. Don’t start any new projects but instead, go back and refine current or old projects.

      Finances: Financial growth and opportunities are possible right now. You might have to be more flexible or follow a different procedure or rule for financial opportunities. Be open and adaptable to change, the person who is most adaptable is most successful.

      Health: You might feel anxiety during retrograde because you truly have a lot going on. Remember to slow down and take deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed.


    3. My Studio's on Spring

      The retrograde gave you great insight into how to maneuver with a current task or project. The Full Moon in Aries on October 20th will be at the 27° and will bring impulsivity and excitement in your communication. Think before you speak or seek advice from a trusted friend or even prayer.

      Color: The color of the month is My Studio on Spring by OPI. This Blue green is the color of planting. You are planting new seeds during Libra season to grow fruit later on. Wear this color to spark creativity.

      Love: Try not to get wrapped up in fantasies about love. Focus on sticking to the facts and having fun. Right now is not a good time to make important decisions but more of a good time to stay present and enjoy yourself. You deserve to have some fun.

      Career: Right now it might feel a bit confusing about which direction you’re headed in but you don’t need to know all of the steps to know you’re moving correctly. Things will feel confusing throughout retrograde because you were over-processing what has happened before, but after retrograde you’ll have more clarity.

      Finances: A lot more people might need your help financially and you love helping your loved ones but do so with boundaries.

      Health: Your gut is directly connected to your brain. You are highly intuitive so if you have a gut feeling you should listen to your gut. A leaky or constipated gut can be related to an imbalance of mental or emotional state. Make sure you take care of your metabolism.



    4. Violet Visionary

      A week later on October 18th Mercury finally goes direct in Libra at the 10° lightening up your load. The Full Moon in Aries will be on October 20th at the 27° highlighting issues in the home or family. There can be dramatic displays for attention, try not to focus on the behavior and more so on the intention. Avoid dramatic displays of behavior.

      Color: Your color of the month is Violet Visionary by OPI. This royal purple is similar to your energy this month as you are royalty and you are the leader. Never forget you are making strides and keeping consistent in all that you do, this is royalty behavior.

      Love: Love is intertwined with friendship during Libra season and it’s a beautiful thing. if you’re in a relationship you can strengthen your friendship during this time or if you’re single a friend might turn into a lover.

      Career: Your career goals might feel impossible to do on your own and this is with good reason. It’s time to learn to take some of the load off of your back and ask for help when it is needed. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness and it shows how much you have evolved. When you learn to work in a team you thrive.

      Finance: Your financial situation is growing and you are making room in your life to have a little bit more fun and flexibility with your resources. Life is about balance during Libra season so it makes sense to balance some of your own income with playfulness.

      Health: You should pay close attention to your health this month, especially to what you are eating. Try to form good eating habits from a nutritionist standpoint and not from a comfort standpoint.


    5. Got the Blues for Red

      You start to feel more like yourself but renewed because a part of you has changed. The Full Moon in Aries on October 20th is at the 27° highlighting the way you communicate during a passionate conversation. You are in complete control of your emotional state and you are not in control of anyone else’s. Know when it’s time to listen and when it’s time to speak. Color: Your color of the month is Got the Blues for Red. This vibrant deep mahogany red is classic yet eccentric just like you. Wearing this color is the color of skilled action. You need to act but at the right time.

      Love: Having an accountability partner right now can be really helpful. You find you are more inspired and creative when you’re working in a team. Friendship can turn into something more but it doesn’t have to.

      Career: You have high expectations for yourself as you should! Just make sure that some of your goals are in alignment with who you are becoming while at the same time realistic.

      Finances: The focus for your financial situation right now is to save for a rainy day. You might have car issues during Retrograde. It’s best to get your car checked out before retrograde begins.

      Health : You are very much on top of your health and doing a great job. Drink green juices.


    6. A Great Fig World

      The Full Moon can bring up a tense situation regarding your resources where you may have to delegate or again ask for help. Avoid acting impulsively and allowing your emotions to control your current state of being. Whatever is happening is here to show you that you were truly supported by the universe.

      Color: Your color of the month is A Great Fig World by OPI. This deep natural purple helps you imagine visions of grandeur, which is exactly what you are manifesting this Libra season. Keep this color on you to inspire the crown chakra to keep your manifestations strong.

      Love: You are feeling so much love during this time, it is easy for you to love and for others to love you. This is great energy to be creative with both physically and emotionally. Get creative with your lovers and go on spontaneous dates. Get creative with your work and put all of your love into it for the best outcome.

      Finances: Your financial situation is firm and stable, but you were learning how to attract new income.

      Health: You’re never too busy to take care of your health. Make your health a priority, it is a part of your creative fuel.


    7. A Bloom with a View

      The Full Moon in Aries will be on October 20th at the 27° highlighting your relationships. This Full Moon will give you clarity on how to approach others from a balanced perspective. A situation may arise that feels at first stressful but if you take a deep breath and think before you act you will see all possible ways of handling it in a respectable manner.

      Color: Your color of the month is A Bloom With a View by OPI. This beautiful dark and natural red channels your fiery energy. You are very attractive and you know how to attract people to you so even if you have to work as a team this red will still make you feel like a leader.

      Love: Relationships are the main theme for you during Libra season. You are learning how to navigate your relationships better to have healthy relationships. This month, choose to listen before responding.

      Career: Your career can be directly tied to your emotions during Libra season, which can make you feel a bit rocky. It’s OK if your feelings change, this is natural. Focus on staying consistent.

      Finance: You are doing well financially but the money is going elsewhere. The money is either being invested into your savings or back into your business which is a positive way for you to spend money. If you are spending money on trivial things you will not make this money back.

      Health: Take care of your reproductive health. You can drink red raspberry leaf tea in the mornings.


    8. Isn't it Grand Avenue

      The Full Moon in Aries at the 27° will highlight where you might need more spiritual work. Sometimes you might avoid the spiritual work because you think there are not immediate results but this is wrong. A situation will arise where you will need to seek Spiritual guidance. Connecting with a higher power is necessary for elevation.

      Color: Your color of the month is Isn’t it Grand Avenue by OPI. This dark deep blue absorbs everything just like you during Libra season. Keep your energy open so you can absorb all of the right things to you, even the things you might not know you need right now.

      Love: Love is intense in the beginning of the month as you try to balance your relationships and your work. When Venus moves into Sagittarius on October 7th it becomes more playful and joyful. Take the time to enjoy your life with the people that you love.

      Career: There is a hyper-focus on your career right now. You are thinking of new ways to expand, but during this time you might realize expansion requires partnership.

      Finances: Try not to be an impulsive spender during Libra season, this will be hard. Avoid spending money on things that you don’t need.

      Health: Be careful of weight gain this season. If you are focused it will be easy to have a healthy routine. If you are unfocused you might use food to cope with your emotions.


    9. Angel's Flight To Starry Nights

      You are Drake's certified lover boy this season. The Full Moon in Aries will be on October 28th at the 27° highlighting your long-term goals and social circle. There might be a situation that arises for you to gain clarity on a group of people, an idea or a project. You may not want to move forward and if you do move forward, do so with intention. The road won’t be easy but if it is something that you truly love, stick beside it.

      Color: Your color of the month is Angels Flight to Starry Night by OPI. This beautiful crystal blue is full of possibilities just as you are during Libra season. You are like a crystal, all you need to do is charge yourself up.

      Love: There are a lot of opportunities for love during this month. You have so many options it can be hard to choose, per usual for you. You are growing into a new space of maturity where you will need to make a conscious decision about the relationships you want to put more time in value in.

      Career: You are processing information regarding a new career choice or a current career choice that is entering a new level. Make sure this is something that you really want before you move forward. Retrograde will have you reassess the commitments you are making.

      Finance: Your financial situation is stable but this is still a good time to look for ways to invest. You are a pro at multiple sources of income.

      Health: Now would be a good time to do a routine check-up with your dentist.



    10. Dawn of a New Gray

      Make sure your voice is heard in your workplace as you gain more clarity, there might be new things you need to communicate. The Full Moon in Aries on October 20th at the 27° will highlight a work situation that you need to take care of that happened suddenly. Everyone will be looking up to you and this is a chance for you to really shine and show how valuable of a team player you really are.

      Color: Your color of the month is Dawn of a New Gray by OPI. This soft gray is like having a clean new slate which is what you are creating in your home during Libra season. Just know that you can always start with a clean slate.

      Love: Your love life can reach new awareness and authenticity when you openly express your wants and needs. This is a chance for your partnerships to grow more intimately and for you to gain more trust in each other.

      Career: You are given an opportunity to really shine in your career but don’t be misunderstood. Don’t expect people to see your light but show them and communicate with them. It’s OK to ask for what you are worth.

      Finance: You are starting to think of multiple sources of income. Use this retrograde to process new ways that you can make money on the side.

      Health: A massage might be just what you need to stimulate the lymphatic system. Or you can jump on a trampoline to get the toxins flowing out of your body.


    11. Espresso Your Inner Self

      The Full Moon in Aries will be on October 20th at the 27° highlighting your beliefs and higher perspectives. Your beliefs will be tested and you need to remain calm and in control of your emotional state. Listen to understand and then help people see your perspective by talking clearly and concisely. You don’t have to drill the message in them.

      Color: Your color of the month is Espresso Your Inner Self by OPI. This deep espresso brown brings out your inner loving and nurturing side when you show this side of yourself you are acknowledged as a helpful and valuable person.

      Love: Your love life can be all over the place but you are more focused on being understood than being in a relationship. These two go hand-in-hand, if you focus on relationships you will have more compassion and thus will be more understood.

      Career: You have a chance to make a real difference in your career this Libra season. Step up to the plate and go beyond what’s being asked.

      Finance: Your financial situation is volatile and fluctuating this month. Make sure to save your resources for a rainy day.

      Health: Exercise regularly to maintain your mental health. Eat lots of red fruits and vegetables.


    12. Graffiti Sweetie

      This Full Moon is all about give and take. You need to balance your wants and needs with the wants and needs of others. You feel like your best self when you are of service. There might be some debt that you owe two others that might come up suddenly to be addressed. Address things directly and concisely, don't try to run away from the problem.

      Color: Your color of the month is Graffiti Sweetie by OPI. This cream lilac color is calm and reassuring like your energy. Wear this color to relax you but also increase your self-esteem.

      Love: Your love life can feel a bit rocky during this time, the main focus needs to be about your inner security towards yourself.

      Career: Your career is blossoming and will continue to blossom especially if you manage your resources correctly. You have the opportunity to expand your career but you need your community support. Make nice with the people who support you.

      Finance: You’re in a strong position financially, now is the time to invest back into yourself.

      Health: Find an exercise partner to hold you accountable. You need to move your body more. Drink more water.


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