OPI Pro Spotlight: Joy Mariscal

OPI Pro Spotlight: Joy Mariscal
  • OPI Pro Spotlight: Joy Mariscal

    This Women’s History Month we’re celebrating the women who inspire us including our favorite pros. In this month of empowerment, we caught up with nail pro Joy (also known as @joydumpling on Instagram) about a woman who’s supported and inspired her, her Michelle Obama moment, and what her future dreams are.


    1. OPI French Ombre Nail Art by Joy Mariscal

      OPI: What inspired you to become a nail artist/blogger?

      JM: I started collecting nail polishes about 10 years ago. Back then it was difficult to find bloggers with my skin tone, so I decided to start an Instagram account to document the different polishes on me. It was only meant to be a place for documentation, but along the way I started to make friends over the platform and it just slowly grew into what it is today.

      OPI: We noticed your IG handle says, “natural nails”. Do you usually only use regular lacquer? Why?

      JM: Yes, I usually only use regular lacquer. I like to change my nail polish often and regular lacquer is the easiest option for quick changes that I am looking for. Also I’m not a professional nail tech. To be honest, regular lacquer is what I’m more familiar with and comfortable working with.

      OPI: We see you have a YouTube channel. Do you have any advice for nail techs starting a channel?
      JM: Nails are small pieces of art, so it is important you can have a camera that zooms in enough to show all the small details. The setup is a struggle and I’m still constantly trying to improve it. However, don’t let that stop you! All those years, I managed to get by with an iPhone, a tripod from Amazon and some contact paper as background.

    2. OPI Dry Brush Floral Nail Art by Joy Mariscal

      OPI: March is International Women’s History Month. Can you tell us a woman that has supported and empowered you?

      JM: This one is easy…my mom. My mom raised me as a single mother. Now being a mother myself, I’ve just begun to understand how hard it must have been for her. She worked full time but was always there for me when I needed her. She cheered me on as I pursued my Ph.D. in Computational Mathematics, she held me up as I managed the medical difficulties with my daughter but most importantly (and this part might sound cheesy) she kept a roof over my head. The job called “mom” is what she excelled at and that’s something I’ll never take for granted.

      OPI: Share an example of a time you felt empowered as a woman?

      JM: When I read the book “Becoming,” I feel incredibly empowered by Michelle Obama as a woman, a mother and a professional. Through her story, I have learned to embrace my own struggles and weaknesses. Only when I am completely honest with myself, I can set priorities and goals with a clear mind. The best lesson that I’ve learned through reading Michelle’s story is to accept my own imperfections and failures and never give up.

    3. OPI Blue Nail Art by Joy Mariscal

      OPI: What are your favorite OPI shades for spring?

      JM: Frenchie Likes To Kiss because it is so delicate and darling. Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be because it is so buttery and soft. Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast because it is so bright and fun. Is it weird to pick three shades from the same collection? Sorry I can’t help it.

      OPI: We love celebrating women who realize their dreams. What’s next on your list of accomplishments?

      JM: I have too many! However, the one big thing on my mind is to figure out a way to take my nail hobby to the next step, possibly pursuing a career in it. Currently, I have a full-time job where I love what I do and the people I work with. That being said, it will truly be a dream come true if my job is to do my nails ALL THE TIME! I don’t know how I can make that work for me and my family financially but hopefully, I will figure something out soon!

    4. OPI Pro Joy Mariscal

      Follow Joy, @joydumpling, on Instagram for stunning masterpieces and swatches. Be sure to follow us @OPI_Professionals and stay tuned for more Pro Spotlights coming soon.

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