OPI Pro Spotlight: @nailsbydarlingdarlene

Pro Spotlight: @nailsbydarlingdarlene
  • Pro Spotlight: @nailsbydarlingdarlene

    The holiday season is coming and it’s the season to party in our brand new collection OPI Celebration. Helping us bring these vivid holographics to life is @nailsbydarlingdarlene, OPI’s Education & Capability Manager and nail artist extraordinaire. We caught up with her to discuss how she got started, her favorite look for the holidays and more.


    1. Minimalistic Nail Art By OPI Pro Darlene

      OPI: Can you tell us about your career at OPI? How did you land the job? What do you work on for the brand?

      I started as a temp in the Sales Support department. It was a customer service role where I picked up phone calls and help Pro’s troubleshoot product inquiries. After 8 months, I was promoted to Global Education Design Manager. I did that role for about 2 years and now I have moved from design to delivery to be the North America Education and Capability Manager. For Education, I work with influencers on SEO content for both pro and DIY. A lot of the tutorials you see on IG are part of that work. For Capability, I train a total of 30+ OPI Brand Educators on new products so they can then go and teach in Canada and the US.

      OPI: How did you become obsessed with nails?

      DS: My mother was very strict and didn’t allow me to wear polish. So what happens when someone tells me, “no”? I want it more! At the age of 8, I snuck my first bottle of polish into the shopping cart without my mother knowing and I would paint my toes and cover them with socks so I wouldn’t get in trouble. I guess you can say I was not only obsessed but a bit of a rebel.

    2. Nail Art By OPI Pro Darlene

      OPI: You helped us bring our Celebration holiday collection to life. What do you love about this collection? Do you have a favorite shade?

      DS: I love that this collection has a great assortment of halo shades. Halo is a huge trend and it excited me that OPI is launching them with their quality formula. My favorite shade is Mylar Dreams for the pink and halo combination.

      OPI: What is your favorite nail look for the holidays?

      DS: My favorite look is “Past Midnight”. It is a multi-colored vertical ombre using 3 of the halo shades from the Celebration Collection. The vertical ombre is so easy to do but looks like it was hard to create. It is also versatile so someone can wear the ombre alone or step it up a notch and add the french border outline.


    3. Summer Nail Art By OPI Pro Darlene

      OPI: This is our last stop to help celebrate our 40th anniversary as a brand! What do you love most about OPI?

      I love the quality and trendy shades that we launch. Each collection is so inspiring and fun!

      OPI: Do you have a favorite nail franchise? Why?

      My favorite nail franchise is GelColor. I love that it cures in 30 seconds and I don’t have to wait for it to dry!


    4. Nail Art By OPI Pro Darlene

      OPI: What advice would you give others looking to enter the nail industry?

      DS: At the same time of developing your unique and distinctive nail art style, make sure not to forget your foundations like sculpting nails and shaping. This is the canvas for your nail art.

      OPI: What is your go-to OPI shade?

      DS: Big Apple Red.

      OPI:Do you have any tips to share with pro’s to help get ready for the holiday season?

      DS: Holiday season means time to upsell! Have nail art options already swatched at your nail table for those who might not bring in nail inspo. If it’s right there in front of them they are more inclined to adding it on. If nail art isn’t really your thing, it’s okay! Create a special Mani and/or Pedi service only available during the holiday season.

    5. OPI PRO Darlene Sritapan

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