Pride Takeover: Troy Solomon

OPI Blog: Pride Takeover - Troy Solomon
  • OPI Blog: Pride Takeover - Troy Solomon

    June is a month that’s full of vibrant characters, culture, and most importantly, color! We couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate the LGBTQ community, especially with the launch of our overarching ‘Color is the Answer’ brand mission. Color is the Answer focuses on the emotion and inclusiveness that color can provide, perfectly represented by the Rainbow flag. That’s why each week this month we’ll be highlighting a nail influencer, nail pro, or salon owner within the LGBTQ community to give them a platform to speak about how they use nails as their creative outlet and a way to express themselves

    We’re so excited to kick things off with the very own Troy Solomon, aka @abearnamedtroy. His passion and playfulness combined with his charisma and joie de vivre made him the perfect person to start off our month of Pride spotlights.

    1. OPI Blog: Pride Takeover - Troy Solomon


      Hi Troy! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. 

      Hieeeee! My name is Troy (aka @ABearNamedTroy) and I am an entertainer/social media influencer/nail polish fanatic. I’m originally from Miami, Florida and I moved to Los Angeles, CA about 7 years ago.


      What made you start loving nail polish?

      Honestly, I’ve ALWAYS had an obsession with nails and nail polish. I can remember when I was a little kid I used to take tape and put it on my nails and color the tape with black or red marker to pretend like I had long acrylic nails like my mom. I didn’t actually start wearing nail polish regularly until about 3 years ago though!

    2. OPI Blog: Pride Takeover - Troy Solomon


      How do you use your nail color to express yourself?

      My nails almost always reflect my mood/current aesthetic at the time. I feel like I tend to gravitate towards super femme colors to express that side of my personality - so my nails are often a shade of pink, purple, baby blue, or metallic. Once and a while I’ll paint my nails like a dark blue or purple or black, but those usually only last about a day before I’m wiping them off and slapping on a pretty ballerina pink.


      Who’s your nail inspiration and/or who is your favorite nail artist?

      I follow a couple of Instagram accounts for killer nail inspo: @sohotrightnail, @vanityprojects, @modernpampersalon, and @OPI (duh). Some of my favorite nail artists are @astrowifey and @tombachik.

    3. OPI Blog: Pride Takeover - Troy Solomon


      What is your favorite OPI shade? What do you love most about OPI?

      Well my favorite OPI color used to be “Suzi The First Lady of Nails” until I found “Pink Ladies Rule the School.” It’s like the most perfect pink shade I’ve EVER seen. What’s NOT to love about OPI? The color selection is unreal, the polish names are next level, and I’ve yet to find a polish that applies as smoothly as OPI or last as long without chipping.


      How do you describe your style?

      I would say my style is vibrant, loud, bold, and eclectic. I feel like my look is always changing and evolving.

    4. OPI Blog: Pride Takeover - Troy Solomon


      You seem very body positive, were you always this way? What gives you confidence?  What would you tell your younger self?

      I definitely wasn’t always this confident. It took years of self-work and choosing to love myself to get to the point I’m at today. I try to remind myself of all the things I love about myself on a daily basis, and if I ever feel like those negative thoughts are creeping in I do my best to get to the root of WHY I must be feeling that way and then address that. I would say 9 times out of 10, whatever you’re feeling insecure about is not ACTUALLY what you’re unhappy with - take the time to really dig deep and figure out what is making you feel unhappy and address that first. You’d be surprised how just changing your perspective can change your entire outlook on life (and on yourself). And I think I would tell my younger self “don’t listen to them, you belong.” 

    5. OPI Blog: Pride Takeover - Troy Solomon


      What are you doing to celebrate Pride Month?

      I can’t believe its Pride already! I will DEFINITELY be at the LA Pride festival so if you see me there make sure you say hello!


      Where can our followers see more of you? Any exciting collaborations coming up?

      There are definitely some VERY EXCITING projects coming up that I can’t actually talk about at the moment, but be sure to follow me on Instagram (and everywhere else) @ABearNamedTroy to stay up to date :)


      You can learn more about Troy on his website here, and keep coming back to our blog to see our spotlights of different members of the LGBTQ community every week!

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