Pro Tips: 51 New Shades in OPI Powder Perfection

OPI Pro Tips: 51 New Shades in OPI Powder Perfection
  • OPI Pro Tips: 51 New Shades in OPI Powder Perfection

    You asked, we listened. By popular demand from the #OPIObsessed we have released 51 brand new shades in Powder Perfection. Reinventing acrylic nails with no light required, our innovative formula is fast, easy and odor-free offering weeks of gel-like shine and wear. With natural feeling results and easy soak-off removal, it’s time to Dip. Tap. Perfect. Below, our nail experts share their best tips to use Powder Perfection for your best manicure ever.

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      We get it, some of your clients have stiff fingers. We’ve got an easy alternative for this, just use a scooping motion when dipping to ensure their nails are covered.

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      Before the base coat dries, dip each nail at a 45-degree angle into OPI Powder Perfection Color Set Powder. This seals in powder to avoid impacting the color during filling. The leftover powder can contribute to the hardening of the base coat, leading to a longer, stronger manicure.

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      Wet OPI Powder Perfection Step 2 Activator on the nail will harden your top coat brush. Activator is already on hand to accelerate the curing of the base coat and powders, so wait 1-2 minutes for it to dry.

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      Apply OPI Powder Perfection Step 2 Activator generously and cap the free edge making sure you cover the very tip of the nail. This way you seal the whole nail as well as the tip to create a good layer on the nail surface.

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      Be careful, overworking the OPI Powder Perfection Step 3 Top Coat can result in a cloudy finish. So we recommend precision, for your first coat use 2-3 quick brush strokes to seal the manicure before very carefully applying a second coat.

    6. OPI Powder Perfection


      Make sure you perfect the shape and contour of the nails, as broken highlights can result in a less shiny looking nail. Finish with OPI Pro Spa Cuticle Oil on your client’s cuticles.

    7. Discover OPI Powder Perfection today, now including 51 new shades. It’s time to Dip. Tap. Perfect. Show us your clients’ #OPIPowderPerfection nails on Instagram and tag @opi_professionals.

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