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    What are acrylic nails, and what is Absolute Acrylic?

    The Absolute Acrylic system is an acrylic-based system formulated to provide greater ease of use and lift-free results compared to other systems. It also has improved consistency and slightly less odor, making it ideal for nail salon environments and professional nail technicians.

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    1. Tools you'll need for OPI Acrylics

      Below we’re outlining the proper step-by-step techniques to achieve a professional acrylic nail application with a pink and white makeover sculpt. This is the ideal service for clients wanting extra length due to short nails or even nails damaged from biting as it elongates the nail bed.

      Before you get started, you'll need the following products:
      - FreeForm disposable nail form
      - Bond-Aid PH Balancing Agent
      - EDGE silver 180 File
      - Expert Touch Nail Wipe
      - Bondex Acrylic Bonding Agent
      - Absolute Powder Perfect White
      - Absolute Powder Makeover Pink
      - Flex Silver 100/180 Buffer
      - Top Coat of choice (OPI GelColor Top Coat or OPI Top Coat)
      - N.A.S. 99 Cleansing Solution

    2. Apply Freeform to begin

      Step 1:
      After OPI Absolute Enhancement Prep, apply a FreeForm to each nail.

      Step 2:
      Apply one coat of Bond-Aid, allow to dry then apply Bondex to the natural nail plate. Be sure not to get any on the surrounding skin.

      Step 3:
      Apply a large-size bead of Makeover Pink Powder at the natural smile line.


    3. Shape the bead to get started
      Step 4:
      Press the bead from side to side tapering to the sidewalls and toward the cuticle area. Pull the bulk of the bead toward you down the center of the nail to extend the smile line and build the apex. Extend the smiling line by dragging the side of your brush from each corner point to the center. ProTip: Allow to harden then take a 180 grit file and file to perfect the smile line. Remove excess powder.

      Step 5:
      Apply a large-size bead of Perfect White Powder to the form against the extended smile line. Using the tip of the brush, push the acrylic into each corner.

      Step 6:
      Smooth the surface of the free edge and blend into the apex.

      Step 7:
      Allow to cure to a hard finish. Remove the form.

    4. Complete the steps for OPI Acrylics

      Step 8:
      With an EDGE 180 File or e-file, shape and contour the nail by tapering near the sidewalls and cuticle area. Leave the bulk of the product at the apex.

      Step 9:
      Smooth the surface of the enhancement with the 100 side of a FLEX 100/180 Buffer.

      Step 10:
      Remove excess dust. Cleanse nails with a Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S. 99.

      Step 11:
      Finish with Top Coat of choice.


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