Pro Tips: Everything You Need to Know About OPI's New Chrome Effects

OPI, Blog, ProTips, OPI Professionals, Chrome Effects
  • OPI, Blog, ProTips, OPI Professionals, Chrome Effects

    What are chrome nails? How do chrome nails work?  Ten years ago, I was introduced to the “chrome” trend. Back then, we created the look of chrome by making a decal or flexible polymer that required heat. The end result was beautiful, but at the time, nail art was just starting to become popular and not everyone could afford this time-intensive process.  

    Fast forward to now and chrome hit red hot status via a flurry of celebrity sightings. Simply put, chrome was finally here to stay and, thanks to OPI, it’s now easier to apply, much more cost-effective, and, most importantly, easily accessible!




    1. How To: Hailey Bieber Chrome Nails


      Recreate the iconic glazed donut nails on your clients with this step-by-step tutorial on our YouTube channel from @nailsbyzola on IG (who did the original manicure on Hailey Bieber for the #MetGala2022).


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      OPI is the first professional brand to release a chrome with a gel nail polish and lacquer system. This is a unique standout feature as it encapsulates the chrome giving it the perfect long-lasting finish.

      OPI’s amazing Chrome Effects line is not only easy to apply, but it also provides a reflective, mirrored look that is second to none. It is an innovation that has been perfected using the highest-quality pigment but is so cost-effective, you can offer it to any client.  

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      I always look for products that meet compliances.

      We want nothing but the best a product made with one ingredient that makes a brand luxury (integrity).

      I always look for the top quality and this pigment has such a reflective finish you can see your own smile. My team and I have been watching many smiles reflecting off Chrome because that is the effect it has on them. The client loves the process of Chrome. Remember they have access and watch tutorials. They are loving every moment of it. Make it an experience.

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      Your base shade would typically be Black Onyx or Alpine Snow for the most dramatic chrome effect. For a GelColor Chrome manicure, you get up to two weeks of wear. For a Lacquer Chrome manicure, expect up to 7 days of wear.

      -Apply one coat of the OPI Chrome Effects No-Cleanse Top Coat (do not cap the edge).
      -Follow with the OPI Chrome Effects shade of choice using an eye shadow brush. For the proper encapsulation, lightly swipe an edge white file against the free edge and sides of the nails. Use a small cosmetic brush to remove excess powder.
      -Finish with one coat of OPI No-Cleanse Top Coat and finalize by capping the edge and cure for 30 seconds.

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      -Apply one coat of Natural Nail Base Coat.
      -Follow with two thin coats of Nail Lacquer (do not cap the free edge).
      -PRO TIP: wait 2-3 minutes until nails are almost dry to the touch; tacky so it will attach.
      -Apply the Chrome Effects Mirror-Shine Powder shade of choice using a sponged tipped applicator.
      -PRO TIP: pat the powder before rubbing onto the surface of the nail. Using a cosmetic brush, dust off the excess powder to prevent contamination.
      -Finish with one coat of Chrome Effects Mirror-Shine Nail Lacquer Top Coat and wait 2-3 minutes until completely dry.
      -Finalize with one coat of OPI Nail Lacquer Top Coat. Cap the edge at the end.
      -Removal of gel requires a filing off of the top layer followed by a normal soak-off removal. When using in conjunction with lacquer remove using OPI’s Expert Touch Lacquer Remover.

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      When it comes to chrome, you can use a little or apply it to the full nail. Let your inner artist guide you as you blend colors to create your own unique looks. And don’t be afraid to take your designs to the next level with a stamp or hand-painted lines to create a layered look. Stay tuned for more looks!

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    Written by Jeany Perez, Founder, Unity Nails Inc. & OPI Educator -