Let's Be Friends, Again!

OPI Let's Be Friends! Application
  • OPI Let's Be Friends! Application
    There are some shades that never go out of style. In fact, they're SO good you can't get them off your mind. Step in, Let's Be Friends Nail Polish from our Hello Kitty Nail Polish Collection. An iconic pink you were so obsessed with, we've had to bring it back for good.
    1. Let's Be Friends! Nail Lacquer


      Marking the meeting of two icons, OPI and Hello Kitty. This nail color was our most searched & requested shade from 2016 to 2019, meaning we had to bring it back permanently. The pink of all pinks, this cotton candy shade was inspired by Hello Kitty's iconic catchphrase and love of friendship.

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    2. Let's Be Friends! Infinite Shine


      Since the 2019 Holiday collection, the sellout pink nail color (believe, us when we say there were bidding wars) has been a permanent fixture in the OPI shade library.

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    3. Let's Be Friends! GelColor


      Even better, you can choose from all 4 systems. Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, Gel Color, and Powder Perfection.


    4. Let's Be Friends! Powder Perfection


      The perfect hue that can be worn for wedding nails, on vacation, or as an everyday staple. Let's Be Friends!, again and again.


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