What to Look for When Getting a Dipping Powder Manicure

Powder Perfection Protocol
  • Powder Perfection Protocol

    Let’s face it, clean is cute! And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the dipping powder trend that’s picking up steam across everyone’s social feeds. Dipping powder manicures are durable, long-lasting, and have tons of fun colors to choose from, but not all dip nails are created equal, and not all dipping powder services adhere to protocol. Read on to find out what tips we have from the pros doing it right, learn what to look for in salons when getting your next dipping powder mani, and get answers to common questions around dip nails below.

    1. OPI Powder Perfection

      Are dip nails hygienic?

      When applied properly, dip nails are hygienic. It’s important to never dip straight into the jar, but instead use separate medicine cups. All unused powder must be discarded and never reused on another client. For those concerns with product waste, check out our ProTip #29 on our YouTube channel.

      Can bacteria grow in dip powder?

      In order to have bacteria growth, water must be present in the powder. This is why OPI highly recommends that salons use separate medicine cups to apply a dip service rather than dipping straight into the jar as mentioned above. For those concerned with product waste, check out our ProTip #29 on our YouTube channel. With our ProTip, salons can reduce product waste and still be sanitary.

    2. Dip Powder Hygiene

      Can you get an infection from dip powder?

      Infections usually occur from improper prep or application. When done properly dip powder can be worn for 2-3 weeks. It’s important to remove the dip powder service and reapply, rather than filling. Filling a dip powder service has a higher risk of causing a bacterial infection if moisture becomes trapped underneath the enhancement.

      Is dipping powder bad for your nails?

      When applied and removed properly by a licensed nail technician, dipping powder can be great for your nails, especially if your nails have a tendency to break. Dipping powder can provide extra strength and durability so nails can grow longer and stop breaking.

    3. Dip Nails 101


      What are dip nails?

      Dipping powder manicures (or dip nails) is an acrylic alternative system that utilizes liquid application followed by dipping nails into colored powders to form a protective layer of color overlayed onto natural nails. It's a simple brush, dip, tap application, and it doesn’t require light to cure. Read on to find out more about proper protocol and sanitation for dip nails.

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    4. Application


      The typical application for dipping powder manicures includes a base coat, an activator, color powder, clear color set powder, and a top coat to finish. Every service should start with you washing your hands and the nail technician wearing a fresh pair of gloves. Contrary to some salon applications, the nail tech should never dip your fingers directly into the jar of powder.

      Instead of having nails dipped directly into the jar, proper OPI Protocol would follow to suggest the nail tech set aside a small amount of powder needed for your service in a plastic medicine cup rather than using the main product jar to complete the manicure. Be sure each type of powder receives its own medicine cup and that there’s no double dipping! The nail technician should properly dispose of any unused powder rather than storing it in the original container. Another way to help combat contamination is to suggest the dipping powder be applied by using a pour over method instead of dipping at all. When applied properly, dip nails are a great way to enhance weak nails and provide a durable manicure that lasts up to 2+ weeks!

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      In addition, we would like to share what you should be looking for in salons, as well as what you can do, as they reopen post COVID-19.

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