10 Rules for Nail Pros to Live By

10 Rules for Nail Pros to Live By - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • 10 Rules for Nail Pros to Live By - The Drop Blog by OPI

    As professional nail technicians, it's important that we uphold the highest of standards when it comes to our clients, our salons and ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to the quality of our work, the professionalism of our employees, the happiness of our customers. The team at OPI put together the below list of 10 things every nail tech should practice on a day to day basis. Because no matter how long we've been working in this industry, it's always important to remind ourselves that if you love what you do, you always want to keep learning.


    10 Rules for Nail Pros to Live By

    1. Nail Pros ensure their client’s safety by keeping sanitation as the #1 priority in the salon.

    2. Nail Pros are always careful to avoid overexposure by expertly applying product and avoiding the skin.

    3. Nail Pros protect the integrity of the natural nail by always being careful to avoid damage to the nail and surrounding skin.

    4. Nail Pros always encourage and support new techs; lending advice and compliments whenever possible.

    5. Nail Pros seek out continuing education to enhance their skills and elevate their services regardless of how long they have been in the industry.

    6. Nail Pros ensure best results and client’s safety by always use products according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    7. Nail Pros leverage their expertise by advising their guests on the most appropriate service and give recommendations for home care and take home products.

    8. Nail Pros treat every client with the utmost respect and provide a memorable experience each and every time.

    9. Nail Pros take ownership of their careers by maximizing all opportunities available to them whether marketing through social media, entering competitions, or partnering with a mentor.   

    10. Nail Pros are passionate and creative individuals with a unique ability to change people’s lives (or at least their moods) one manicure at a time!

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