10 Things Worse Than A Chipped Nail

If you like to keep your nails looking fierce, then you are no stranger to the chipped nail struggle. But as frustrating as an imperfect mani can be, there are certainly worse things -- and there are certainly ways to prevent chipping from happening. Before you get too annoyed thinking about a chipped nail, let’s take a deep breath and think about a few other inconveniences that can ruin your day...

1. A Broken Heel

At least an ~on point~ nail color might distract people from your limping -- even if your nails are chipped.

2. Being Late To Work


Maybe it was worth it to watch that nail art tutorial before finishing your coffee, though...

3. Texting The Wrong Person

Fast and furious texting may have chipped your nail, but your chipped nail didn’t accidentally text your hot coworker about how you have a hot coworker...

4. Forgetting To Put On Deodorant

I mean, a chipped nail doesn’t come with B.O.

5. Your Roommate Eating The Leftovers You Had Been Dreaming Of All Day

Messed up manicures are sad, but dare I say stolen leftover pizza is even sadder?

6. Breaking Up With Your Boo


Broken nails never broke a heart.

7. Finding A Cockroach In Your Apartment

Chipped nails can still be cute… can’t say the same for some for our insect friends.

8. Thinking Of A Killer Comeback Hours After A Confrontation


Middle fingers up, tell him, boy, bye -- uneven nail polish and all.

9. Your Favorite Movie Getting Taken Off Of Netflix

You can’t Netflix and chill on a date without the Netflix part, but you can still look fierce with a chipped nail.

10. Not Having OPI’s Brilliant Top Coat And Plumping Top Coat In Your Bag

Because what better way is there to fix a chipped nail?


So yes, some things are worse than having a chipped nail, but why mess up your manicure when you don’t have to? OPI’s new BRILLIANT Top Coat protects against chipping, delivers long-lasting protection, and seals in and protects nail color -- all while providing a high-shine finish. The PLUMPING Top Coat prolongs manicure wear and protects against chipping, makes nails look thicker and longer, and provides high-gloss, protective shine.

You're welcome in advance. Happy manicuring!

(All images courtesy of giphy.com)

Written by Rachel Sanoff -