2018 is the Year of the Infinite Shine!

New Treatment Primers Designed to help Smooth, Strengthen, Condition, or Brighten

This year OPI is taking its Infinite Shine line to the next level with the new Infinite Shine Treatment Primers. How? Let me explain! 

Just like large corporations, I run my salon based on SUPPLY and DEMAND and Infinite Shine has definitely been IN demand. But that doesn’t mean that all of my clients have tried this amazing, gel-like product so I let them test their ROI (return on investment) by sending them home with one nail painted with Infinite Shine. Trust me, it never fails that they fall in love with the shine-drenched look and upgrade to Infinite Shine each visit. 

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And now, with the new treatment primers, we can offer clients an even more exciting enhancement: long lasting, gel-like wear and shine that can last for up to 11 days AND addresses their primary nail problems. That sounds like a WIN WIN to me! 

Designed to work as a base coat for each Infinite Shine manicure, OPI created four unique treatment primers that are designed to address the most common nail concerns. 

  • Strengthening: Helps nails feel stronger and protects nails against breaking.
  • Conditioning: Helps make nails feel conditioned, moisturized & hydrated.
  • Brightening: Helps instantly whiten & brighten nails for a fresher and cleaner appearance
  • Ridge Filler: Helps smooth and fill ridges on the natural surface and provides optimum adhesion to nail color.

OPI, Blog, ProTips, Infinite Shine Treatments

Elevated Product = Elevated Services

I am a firm believer that when you have EXTRAordinary products your service must be equally as extraordinary. When your products and techniques SHINE, your profitability will do the same. Part of that exceptional service should always be education and this treatment line provides the perfect opportunity to help your clients build a healthy home beauty arsenal. While you are applying the Infinite Shine treatment primers, explain to your guest how she can maintain stronger, longer and healthier nails by using the primers at home under her favorite Infinite Shine shades. After all, you are the PRO so advise, suggest and don't forget to PREBOOK! 

Renew, Refresh and Reset

The new year presents the perfect opportunity to renew, refresh and reset. Now is a great time to introduce your clients to new systems and products that will elevate their experience and refresh their manicure routine. 

The Infinite Shine Treatment Primer system is not only effective, but display beautifully as well. Bottled in chic packaging, each treatment is a beautiful pastel shade, but applies in a lovely sheer coat. 

OPI, Blog, ProTips, Infinite Shine, Infinite Shine Treatments

Celebrate the new year with a promo that will encourage clients to renew their manicure with a product upgrade or removal service – the perfect way to refresh with a deep clean! And don’t be afraid to share new and improved techniques and products with your guests. Because happy and healthy clients (and their gorgeous Infinite Shine nails) will help you create the buzz that will take your business to the next level! 

Shine on Friends! – Jeany


Written by Jeany Perez, Founder of Unity Nails and OPI Educator -