5 Spring Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe

 5 Spring Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe - The Drop Blog by OPI
  •  5 Spring Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe - The Drop Blog by OPI

    If you've been busy with Spring Cleaning and your wardrobe is looking a little bare, then you deserve a few new items...that logic makes sense, right? We've rounded up five trends we've been loving this season that are sure to be your go-to accessories this Spring and Summer. Let's face it, accessories like shoes, hats and bags can make a wardrobe, and if mixed and matched in different ways, add a fun spin on your outfit. So break out the sundresses, bikinis and short shorts and get to pairing! 


    1. Wide-Brim Hat

    A wide-brim, straw hat is the perfect accesory to wear at the beach, by the pool, or at a family barbeque. Wear this hat with a sun dress or linen pants and you'll automatically transport yourself to the Hamptons. 

    Pair your hat with Two-Timing the Zones from the Fiji Collection.


    2. Oversized Sunglasses

    For those weekend mornings when you probably haven't had enough sleep, oversized sunglasses are a must! Forget the makeup and throw these on for an easy way to look stylish.

    Pair with Suzi Without A Paddle from OPI's Fiji Collection.


    3. Choker

    Chokers have been trending for a while but with good reason! A choker can be worn from day to night, paired with your bathing suit and a cover up, and then later with your summer-y evening look. Tip: layer different chokers of different styles and colors.

    Wear your choker with Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet.


    4. Lucite Heels

    Lucite kitten heels are popping up everywhere, from Kanye West's fashion shows to fast fashion retailers around the world. We're loving the lucite heels because they are an inconspicuous way to add some height to your frame. They are simple, yet unique enough to make a statement.

    Pair with Don't Provoke the Plum!


    5. Woven Beach Bag

    Probably one of the most classic accessories on our list... everyone needs a woven beach bag. Not only are they for the beach, but for trips to the farmer's markets, weekend getaways, and simply for carrying your bikini and favorite magazine for impromptu sun tanning.

    Pair with OPI's Living on the Bula-vard

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