A Colorful Travel Guide to Mexico City

OPI Mexico City Collection about the Collection Blog
  • OPI Mexico City Collection about the Collection Blog

    Have you ever visited a place so colorful, so rich, and so lively that it left you feeling like the emoji with hearts spinning around its face? Enter: Mexico City, the inspiration for our OPI Spring 2020 collection. It is without a doubt one of the most vibrant places we’ve been, inspiring us to transform the city’s beautiful textiles, art, and culture into a palette that will jetset you right into the heart of Mexico City.

    From murals to colorful gardens, here are 5 must-see spots in Mexico City that inspired our collection:

    1. OPI Mexico City Collection Inspiration Blog

      Two words: Magical. Oasis. Float along the canals lined with gardens and trees in brightly decorated trajineras (flat bottomed boats) and discover pops of color bursting along the banks. There’s not a shade you won’t find here, so we created Mexico City Move-Mint – a minty green that goes with ALL the colors.

    2. OPI Mexico City Collection Inspiration Blog

      From stickers covering every inch of open space, to murals and extensive portraits painted onto city structures, you can’t miss the art. Bright yellows, blues, and pinks will stop you in your tracks, which is what inspired Mural, Mural on the Wall, a shimmery coral polish that will make you go graphic.

    3. OPI Mexico City Collection Inspiration Blog

      Talk. About. Inspiration. If there was ever a place where you could wear all the colors, it would be here. Step right into Luis Barragan’s architectural dream and experience a playground of punchy reds, sunny yellows, and hot pinks. Pay homage to the iconic structure when you visit and wear not one, but a few colors on your nails, like Telenovela Me About It, Don’t Tell a Sol, and ¡Viva OPI!

    4. OPI Mexico City Collection about the Collection Blog

      Walking down the streets of Mexico City, your ears are flooded with so many sounds – taxis weaving in and out of traffic and hot grill plates cooking up various meats and veggies – but the sound that is the most harmonious of them all is what inspired Mariachi Makes My Day, a deep purple that looks like a melody. Celebrate Mexico’s heritage and take in the sweet sounds of mariachi music as it plays outside markets, on street corners, and inside restaurants.

    5. OPI Mexico City Collection Inspiration

      Another one for the books. We couldn’t visit Mexico City and a) not visit the house of Kahlo and b) not create a polish inspired by her vibrant life. The museum, known as the Blue House, inspired Mi Casa Es Blue Casa, a cobalt blue that matches its exterior walls.

    6. Ready to jet off to Mexico City? We don’t blame you. Pack up your favorite colors from our OPI Mexico City collection and say adios!!

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