A Guide To the City Through The Shades

OPI Tokyo: A guide to the city through shades
  • OPI Tokyo: A guide to the city through shades

    Welcome to Tokyo. This vibrant and dynamic city is the inspiration for our Spring 2019 collection because of it’s endless energy and creativity. It is truly a hub where trends are born. The old and new meet face to face in this fashion-forward destination.

    To gain inspiration for these vibrant new shades, we searched high and low for the city’s highlights with the nail color to match. Here’s a few of our highlights, so get ready to say “Kanpai OPI” (yes, that may be a hot new purple shade).

    1. OPI Tokyo Collection: How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?


      Flower viewing is basically a national sport, making Japan’s garden culture one of world renown. This love of nature ensures that from carp, to bonsais, to cherry blossoms, the vibrant green shades we saw in Tokyo translated to How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

      Shop the shade: How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

    2. OPI Tokyo Collection: Suzi San Climbs Fuji-San


      At 3776 meters high, Japan’s tallest mountain can be seen from Tokyo on clear days and is still an active volcano. Granted world heritage status in 2013, the more adventurous traveller can climb its peaks between July and August. In fact you’ll find that Suzi San Climbs Fuji-San was inspired by the deep blues of Fuji’s sky.

      Shop the shade: Suzi San Climbs Fuji-San

    3. OPI Tokyo Collection: All Your Dreams in Vending Machines


      Fancy channelling an ancient Japanese warrior? After wearing the bright purple Samurai Breaks a Nail on your tips, head to the famous Samurai Museum for an authentic experience including wearing traditional armour.

      Shop the shade: Samurai Breaks a Nail

      Or a more modern touch try out the ubiquitous vending machine found on nearly every block, down alleyways and in front of convenience stores. With 1 vending machine per every 23 people, you can find anything from beer to candy, soft drinks, cans of food, and even toys are favorites with Tokyoites. Our hot pink nail color All Your Dreams In Vending Machines recalls our personal dream of a vending machine full of OPI.

      Shop the shade: All Your Dreams In Vending Machines

    4. OPI Tokyo Collection: Hurry-juku Get This Color!


      From Harajuku girls to Comme de Garcons, incredible street style and more - Tokyo is synonymous with fashion. From the boutiques of Nakameguro to the high-end, concept stores of Ginza, the landscape in Tokyo is certainly eclectic. Our favorites have to be the famous Harajuku girls, their ‘kawaii’ style has inspired a shade so good you better Hurry-juku Get This Color.

      Shop the shade: Hurry-juku Get This Color

    5. OPI Tokyo Collection: Chopstix and Stones


      Tokyo is the food paradise that every city hopes to become, and there’s so much more than ramen (but there’s a lot of ramen, Chopstix and Stones). We recommend trying a food tour with Arigato Japan to sample a variety of local cuisines that tourists don’t usually encounter. In fact we loved them so much we named a vibrant nail color after them, Arigato from Tokyo.

      Shop the shade: Chopstix and Stones


      Now that you have the full story behind each of our new #OPITokyo shades, you’re ready to get out there and explore! Read some of our other vacation guides inspired by our collections, and don’t forget to share snaps of your nails all decked up in #OPITokyo on social media.

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