A Love Letter to Iceland by Lauren Steele

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    Every corner of the sky had shown up wearing something different. Moody grey clouds fell flat against the sharp lines of the oceanside cliffs; turbulent eggshell-colored fog swept in like a ballerina trying to crack the storm in half with graceful power. A rich flush of rose exhaled out of the folds of the sunrise while golden light seared its way through anything that got in the way. And that was just the sky.

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    Iceland has a way of cramming worlds of boundless beauty into every inch of itself, effortlessly. It’s the goddess you read about in freshman year mythology class—ethereal, dreamy, powerful, awe-inspiring, mystical, and dangerous. The parts that are the most alluring happen to be the most treacherous.

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    Bilberries and crowberries drop neatly from stout shrubs standing in the lava fields that grant the greenery permission to trespass, but always give a warning with the faint smell of sulfur that anyone and anything here is just a guest. Steam shoves its way to the mouth of the muddy ground moments before a hot hiss and a rush bears a geysir’s fountain of force. The water is never as delicate as it seems.

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    At the ice-infused lagoon and beach of Jökulsárlón, chunks of glacier-blue ice encrust the black sand like diamonds. They hold their position as the waves of the ocean crash against and corral them through the skin-numbing waters. Terra cotta cliffs are covered in oatmeal-colored grasses swaying in the wind. Piles of earth sized somewhere between mountains and hills are coated in ancient moss that streak shades of mint, emerald, and forest into a lawn made of pillowtop plants.

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    In Iceland, beauty is earned. Every wildflower, sparkling speck of sand, sprig of moss, cliffside crag, and drop of water roaring alongside its kamikaze comrades down the parade of a waterfall belong there. They have created their existence as an element among elements—all competing for their place in the vignettes of treacherous beauty. And when you find yourself among it all you can’t help but feel the privilege to be a part of it and find your place within it.


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Written by Lauren Steele -