A Mexico City Mural That Will Steal Your Heart

OPI Mexico City Influencer Spotlight
  • OPI Mexico City Influencer Spotlight
    Bienvenido a Mexico City, or as locals like to call it, CDMX. It’s a city bursting with color, creativity, and art, and everywhere you look you’ll find it. Houses are painted Mexican pink and textiles are in every color of the rainbow, but what’s most striking when you walk the streets are the murals celebrating the electric nature of the city. The many ways artists are using color to depict their culture and history is inspiring. Not only have they made a positive impact through color, but they have transformed neighborhoods into galleries with vibrant works of art. So in honor of our Spring 2020 collection, we worked with local artists to create a mural in the heart of CDMX using the shades of their hometown. Get to know the creative minds who came together and brought our palette to life in their own unique way.
    1. Sophia Castellanos

      Sophia is an artist, muralist, and illustrator whose work incorporates the monarch butterfly, a symbol of Mexican culture. She loves them for their colorful nature and their ability to carry messages from the living to the spirit world, so not only did she work them into the mural, but she believes it’s a window to her home, CDMX. “It’s a beautiful place full of life and full of color.”


    2. OPI Mexico City Raul Urias

      Raul is a visual artist who grew up with a love of color and drawing. His inspiration comes from his country, friends, and family – most notably his sister Karina Uria Zavala, a nail artist who turned our shades into works of nail art for this very collection. To him, the mural is a gift to the community. It represents a new hope and serves to inspire locals to fearlessly express themselves with color. “When you have your form to express, it can be nail art, or illustration. There are no limits.”


    3. Victoria Villasana

      Victoria is a textile artist who sews colorful embroidery patterns onto images. She uses traditional techniques in a contemporary way to tell her story, and her use of color and patterns is a symbiosis of culture. To her, the embroidery she worked into the mural portrays the beautiful side of Mexico – “all the culture, the streets, the art, the people – it’s a fusion of art and fashion and creativity.”


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