A New Way to Strengthen Your Gel Mani

A New Way to Strengthen Your Gel Mani
  • A New Way to Strengthen Your Gel Mani
    When it comes to gel manis we love all the benefits, (zero dry time, 3+ weeks of wear, tons of OPI GelColor polishes to choose from) but what about when our nails need more durability? Whether you’re tough on your nails due to your lifestyle and hobbies, or you naturally have weaker nails that tend to be thin, soft and peel, we recognize it's okay to ask for a little extra help sometimes. That's why we’ve innovated our OPI GelColor gel base and top coat line up to include a new base coat to give nails the added durability they need.
    1. OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat


      This entirely new gel base coat nail polish is a great way for anyone with weaker nails or those who typically don’t wear gel very well, to enjoy gel polish manicures again. The added durability comes from the formula, which is infused with calcium and vitamin complex, this leaves nails feeling stronger during gel polish wear. If you’re someone who enjoys refreshing their manis with in-salon visits to your favorite nail pro every 2-3 weeks, then you’ll love the extra strength!

    2. OPI GelColor Application


      When it comes to application, the OPI GelColor Stay Strong base coat is applied as part of a professional application service in place of your regular gel polish base coat. The formula is slightly thicker, and the proper application technique from your nail tech will include shorter strokes. This will allow for proper coverage and adhesion of the rest of your service, including two coats of OPI GelColor polish, and one coat of OPI GelColor Stay Shiny top coat. Ensuring a long-lasting, ultra shiny manicure, that just won’t chip!

      Get more information on how gel nail polish is applied by clicking the link below.


    3. OPI Gel Nail Polish Removal


      Once you're ready to refresh your mani, the removal process will include your nail tech gently filing both the free edge of the nail and the top coat, followed by soaking. Proper removal technique is key to maintaining nail health, and as always, we never recommend peeling off your gel manicure. With an OPI GelColor Stay Strong base coat, soak-off time typically takes just a few minutes more than with our traditional Stay Classic base coat due to the added durability during wear.
      Get more information on how to properly remove gel nail polish and what it looks like as part of a professional nail service below.

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    4. OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat

      Be sure to request an OPI GelColor Stay Strong manicure for your next salon visit, and snap a pic of your gel manis using the hashtag #StayOnStayStrong for a chance to be featured on our social channels.

      Get inspired for your next salon visit by checking out the latest shades available in OPI GelColor.


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