A Smiley Face Nail Art Tutorial

OPI Summer '22 Power of Hue Collection Nail Art
  • OPI Summer '22 Power of Hue Collection Nail Art

    This summer, stamp nails with positive vibes and positive vibes only. Using a mix of vibrant shades from our Power of Hue Collection and a pencil eraser, this DIY smiley face nail art technique will show the world how happy hue are inside and out. Hot tip! We used Infinite Shine for its long-lasting staying power and extra shiny wear because this is a look that deserves its moment.

    Products Needed:

    Round pencil eraser
    Detail Brush
    OPI Infinite Shine Primer
    OPI Infinite Shine Go to Grape Lengths
    OPI Infinite Shine Feel Bluetiful
    OPI Infinite Shine Exercise Your Brights
    OPI Infinite Shine Mango For It
    OPI Infinite Shine Bee Unapologetic
    OPI Infinite Shine Alpine Snow
    OPI Infinite Shine Gloss
    OPI Pro Spa Nail & Cuticle Oil

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    1. Smiley Face Nail Art: Power of Hue Collection


      1. Prep nails (trim and/or file, push back cuticles, and buff), then apply one coat of Infinite Shine Primer. Allow to dry.
      2. Apply two coats of Infinite Shine Alpine Snow. Allow each coat to dry.
      3. Use a pencil eraser and OPI Infinite Shine Go to Grape Lengths to stamp a large dot at the cuticle line. Clean eraser with lacquer remover between stamps.
      4. Repeat step 3 stamping additional dots of OPI Infinite Shine Feel Bluetiful, Exercise Your Brights, Mango For It, and Bee Unapologetic to cover the remainder of the nail. Allow to dry.
      5. Use a detail brush and Infinite Shine Alpine Snow to create dots for eyes and a smile. Allow to dry.
      6. Apply a coat of Infinite Shine Gloss. Once nails are dry, massage cuticle oil into each nail bed to complete this DIY smiley face nail art look perfect for the summer season.

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