Angel and Dren: Living the OPI Neon Lifestyle

Angel and Dren: Living the OPI Neon Lifestyle
  • Angel and Dren: Living the OPI Neon Lifestyle

    The best presents come in pairs. Which is why we had to talk to the dynamic DJ duo, Dren and Angel. With their effortless style and sick beats, these sisters were the perfect representatives to speak to about our launch of our newest OPI collection, OPI Neon! Celebrating a life lived out loud, we caught up with Angel and Dren to learn about their inspirations, and of course, shades that they’re #OPIObsessed with.

    1. Angel and Dren: Living the OPI Neon Lifestyle

      What inspired you to follow a career in music?

      Dren: Music has been the “career” for me that’s allowed me to wake up every day excited to keep going and excited to keep learning.

      Angel: Music and DJ’ing has been a form of expression for me. I’m a sometimes shy, sometimes not, girl from the Bronx. Music connected a lot of dots for me. When I’m consumed in it, I feel like most like myself.

      What made you decide to be DJ’s together, as a Sibling Duo?

      Dren: We didn’t really go into it with that in mind. It was just kinda cool learning to DJ together. We pushed each other to get better. Any time I would hear her progress, it made me want to keep going to.

      Angel: Ya, I knew I wanted to DJ but it started as a hobby. It was even more fun because we were doing it together.

      Who are your musical inspirations?

      Dren: I’m inspired by innovators like Michael and Janet Jackson, and then on the Caribbean side I'm inspired by people like Beres Hammond and Beenie Man.

    2. Angel and Dren: Living the OPI Neon Lifestyle

      What do you love about festivals?

      Dren: I love the excitement of hearing an album performed for the first time and seeing different artists rock the same stage

      Angel: Thousands of people dancing to one song, at the same time is a special kind of love. Any chance to get in on that, I’m in.

      What was the first festival that you went to? And the first one you played at?

      Dren: I actually can’t remember which one was the first, but I remember loving the energy of being around so many people that love music. I loved DJing for SAINT JHN at RDV Hip Hop festival in Paris. I’ll never forget getting off stage and jumping around with the crowd for the rest of the night.

      Angel: I don’t remember the first one I went to either but I remember going to Made in America very vividly. There was thunder and lighting and no one wanted to leave. We played on the Coachella grounds one year too and that was wild. You’re in the desert, everyone’s dressed up and they really came to party with you.

      In a profession that requires constant agility with your hands and fingers, how do you keep your nails healthy?

      Angel: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize-- no ashy hands. And make sure you’re getting your vitamins in so everything grows healthy.

    3. Angel and Dren: Living the OPI Neon Lifestyle

      What’s your favorite OPI system to wear?

      Dren: I love the gel color!

      What does neon mean to you?

      Dren: Neon means bright and bold. It means being colorful and unafraid to be seen.

      Where’s your favorite salon to get your nails done?

      Dren: I like vanity projects in downtown NYC. 

      How have your travels and experiences around the world influenced your nail style?

      Angel: My travels influence my nail style but NY gives me most of my inspiration. The nails in NYC, especially uptown are so swaggy -- it makes me wanna step my game up.

    4. Angel and Dren: Living the OPI Neon Lifestyle

      Between the two of you, who has the better nails?

      Dren: Mine are bright and bold haha I’ll let you decide ?

      Angel: I’ll speak for myself but my nails stay done lol ???

      What’s next for the both of you?

      Dren: Spinning more sets and producing some new music ?

      What was it like to be part of the new Neon Shade collection? Do you have a new favorite Neon Shade?

      Dren: I loved the turquoise shade, “Dance Party ‘Teal Dawn.” I had a great time! My nails looked amazing and we got to eat good food and watch some of my favorite artists perform.

      Angel: It was really fun haha. We should do it again soon. ? My favorite color was “V-I-Pink Passes.” I need that color in my life always.

    5. Be sure to listen to Dren and Angel’s newest music on Soundcloud, and take inspiration in their story by living your life out loud! Try out our newest collection, OPI Neon, and don’t forget to tag us on social media using #OPINeon!

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