April Colorscope: Aries

April Colorscope: Aries
  • April Colorscope: Aries
    Aries, Happy Solar Return! You’re entering into Aries season with high hopes, confidence, and loving energy. If this was a cocoon & butterfly story you would be in the final stage before blossoming into a beautiful butterfly. You are worth everything good coming your way. There are no retrograde planets during this time, bringing forward movement & action, your favorite energy. You are harnessing the energy to manifest your dreams this Aries season. You want to make sure you are listening clearly to your intuition. There might be many delays regarding the results of your efforts but patience is of importance here. You are learning how to think before you act and wait patiently for the things you desire. You will know the right time to act and the right time to respond. The maturity in you is noticeable and it has a lot to do with the healing most of you are doing with your childhood and past. If you haven’t been doing the work, now is the time. You might find you must root this time, visit your hometown or reminisce about childhood. Allow whatever comes up to flow through you. You might need a good cry, to journal, to forgive or even have a conversation with your loved ones. The full moon in Libra on March 28th at 8° will highlight a need for deep psychological healing in your most intimate partnerships. The partner is the mirror of what you need to heal within yourself. This clarity is the energy you need to keep striving forward in 2021. Aries thrive when they are loved and appreciated. On April 3rd Mercury moves into Aries strengthening the need for friendships & communication. It’s easy to accomplish tasks with good faith & confidence. Your friendships are an inspiration to your goals during this time. You are in proper alignment for divine opportunity but again don’t expect it to come right away. The New Moon in Aries on April 11th at 22° gives you high energy and a surge of confidence. A perfect time to put in work towards your tangible goals. It’s easier for you to accomplish tasks during this time.
    1. Do you Lilac It?

      Color: The color of the month is Do you Lilac It? by OPI. This soft purple is perfect for your energy this season. Purple is a powerful color that represents awareness and psychic ability. Your intuition is growing this month and wearing the color purple can help attract this frequency into your vibration.

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      Love: Love is on the up and coming for Aries who are both in a relationship and single. This is a powerful time to form strong connections or deepen an existing one. You are usually not afraid to speak your mind but also make sure to listen. Challenges come towards the end of Aries season but they’re manageable and will help to strengthen your bond.

      Career: You’re exceptionally great at starting projects but not finishing them. This Aries season you’ll have the inspiration to start new projects but don’t until you’ve completed existing ones. The energy this month supports getting tedious work and mundane tasks done. Use this energy to focus on the tough task.

      Finances: Money and abundance is your birthright. You’re playing a game of the mind with your resources. You manifest quickly when you are focused and not overthinking it. You might have a difficult time holding onto money. Setting boundaries will be hard but necessary for financial growth. If you can focus on this task of saving overspending for a solid month this can manifest as a useful habit for future investments.

      Health: You are prone to stress and anxiety during this time so try to not let the small things disturb your peace. What you know is that sometimes you need solitude to regather your energy, honor this. Magnesium Bicarbonate helps with stress.


    2. Gelato on my Mind

      Color: The color of the month is Gelato on my Mind by OPI. This soft hue of blue/green helps us calmly move into the energy and spirit of change. Wear this color for a peaceful transition.

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      Love: There is a lesson being learned about love in a healthy way. You might be challenged by new people and similar situations. These situations are flexible and adaptable to change as long as you’re willing to deliver the patience and time it requires to work on change. Respectful communication is key for growth. Dating can feel a bit unstable right now for those who are single.

      Career: Forming your own path is becoming more and more apparent. You need to make sure you honor your need for rest and rejuvenation. Rest is also working and when you’re well-rested you function better. Setting a consistent schedule with adequate time for work and sleep will help keep you balanced.

      Finances: You might feel more inclined to spend than usual and that’s ok. If you are usually very practical with your resources, treating yourself is a great form of self-care. If you tend to spend more than you make, avoid buying extraneous purchases during Aries season.

      Health: Your need for comfort & support sometimes translates into a love for food. Eating good food is healing but you may also need to analyze if you’ve been using food as a means to cope. A liver cleanse is supported during this time.


    3. Hollywood & Vibe

      Color: Your color of the month is Hollywood & Vibe by OPI. This subtle nude pink is a great color for clarity. You're entering a new phase in life where much clarity was needed.

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      Love: Right now you are having to face where in your relationships you have fallen short or have been emotionally unavailable. To attract the partner you truly want you must be willing to be intimate and vulnerable. A lot of you need a close friendship bond before intimacy. Friendships can be intimate as well.

      Career : Focusing on one thing at a time is key to maintaining consistency when experiencing delays and setbacks. This energy is temporary so don’t let it easily frustrate you, most of you aren’t easily frustrated. Your mind is sharp so your ability to be flexible and adaptable to change will serve you well.

      Finances: Lots of unexpected financial ups and downs during this time. Uranus energy is always uncertain so do your best to plan out your finances ahead of time. Money flows when you flow.

      Health: Back problems are common when you’re feeling anxious about the present, future or past. Lower back represents the past, the middle back the present, and the upper the future. Practice yoga, stretching, mindful breathing and meditation.


    4. Oh You Sing, Dance, Act, and Produce

      Color: Your color of the month is Oh You Sing, Dance, Act, and Produce by OPI. This blue hue is soft and stable to help you manifest more security in your life.

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      Love: Most of you are involved in relationships that are quite intense and for those of you who are single, you are in a relationship with yourself. You are getting to know yourself on a deeper level which is much needed. Relationships are supported this month and communication is valued. If you are single you have the potential to meet someone new who you have great energy with.

      Career: Most of you are deciding a new career path or rediscovering a current one. A new energy is reborn here. Work might seem confusing or tedious.

      Finances: Your financial situation is fluctuating a lot this month. You may be trying to find new ways to invest your money and resources. Don’t take any financial risk this month.

      Health: Walk more for proper circulation. Stretching and yoga can be healing.


    5. Unrepentantly Red

      Color: The color of the month is Unrepentantly Red by OPI. This bright vibrant red is filled with love and to remind you that you’re surrounded by love.

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      Love: You have the potential to create powerful long lasting relationships with patience and care. You must be willing to address your fear or lack of intimacy and trust.

      Career: Work seems lighthearted and easy during this period. Things should flow gracefully during this Aries season. Don’t hide from the work and you will thrive and accomplish your task.

      Finances: Your financial situation fluctuates a lot this month. If you usually save overspend you won’t notice this shift too much. If you usually spend you can find yourself in a bind at times. You might make money and spend it just as quickly.

      Health: Your immune system might be weaker during this time. Do your best to stay healthy by keeping track of what you’re eating, physical rest, mental health, and emotional support. Chamomile tea is healing for you.


    6. Alpaca My Bags

      Color: The OPI color of the month Alpaca My Bags. This blue reminds you to stay calm and self-love.

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      Love: Self love and the healing involved in self love will determine the nature of your relationships during this time. If you’re in a serious relationship your intimacy grows deeper this Aries season.

      Career: You are super busy with work and need to delegate or learn to take breaks. You might be rushing and miss out on important details so remember to slow down and take your time.

      Finances: Your financial situation is strong and stable. Keep saving and investing. You will not see quick results but patience is key. You are feeling generous and will be more inclined to help others close to you. This is good karma.

      Health: You are more prone to headaches due to exhaustion and overwork. Exercise is a great way to release tensions and frustrations. Remember to drink water.


    7. Linger Over Coffee

      Color: The color of the month is Linger Over Coffee. This java brown is a nice grounded color to keep you grounded during all the shifts and transformations.

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      Love: There are a lot of progressive movements in your relationships when you are open to change & flexibility. You are being loved authentically, trust this, but you still need to communicate your needs. If you are single you will be meeting someone soon.

      Career: Lots of big career changes coming slowly but surely. You might experience delays or setbacks which may mean you need a new original approach. Don’t let slight delays defeat you.

      Finances: Some of you are buying luxury items and making unhealthy financial decisions this month. You’ll want to save bc your business may require unexpected purchases that need to be made.

      Health: You are more anxious and stressed than usual. Take Magnesium Bicarbonate to manage stress levels. You only need 2oz per day.


    8. Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots

      Color: Your color of the month Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots by OPI. This color reminds me of balance and prosperity. You are attracting abundance in your life right now.

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      Love: Relationships are not on the forefront of your mind. If you’re in a committed relationship focus on supporting each other with your career and home needs. If you’re single it’s best to put all your energy into networking and partnering.

      Career: Your career is in the hands of faith. Consistency and hard work need to be added with a strong faith in yourself in what you do. There may be Internal psychological depths that need to be transformed with your thought process to continue moving ahead.

      Finances: Your financial situation looks positive for Aries season. Continue to make money moves and save. You should have multiple sources of income. Devote one source of income or take a percentage of your income to invest.

      Health: Take care of your stomach and take a probiotic for any digestion issues. chew your food slowly.


    9. Movie Buff

      Color: The color of the month is Movie Buff by OPI. This beautiful color brings the energy of calmness and healing to any situation you arrive in.

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      Love: Make sure to make time for your partners or intimate relationships. This is a great time to plan a trip or an adventure with your partner. Romance is in the air and your connections can grow deeper as you are flexible and adaptable to change.

      Career: most of you are in the high light of your career. This is a great space for you to relax a little and enjoy the progress that you’ve made. If you need to make any improvements you will receive signs from the universe via your dreams. You are a hard worker but now it is time to integrate the intuition you have been tapping into.

      Finances: your investments are in a good position currently. This is a great time for Capricorns to learn financial literacy. A lot of you will have luck with different financial investments if you do the research during this time.

      Health: You are healthy and you have a lot of energy. This is a great time to keep a consistent work out regimen that works for you.


    10. My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore

      Color: The color of the month is My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore. This vibrant orange reminds you of innovation and creativity.

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      Love: Love can show up in the form of a friendship. For those of you already in a current relationship, your friendship with your partner is key during this time. Nurture the friendship that you have and make an effort to share space. If you are single you might find yourself attracted to someone who was once a friend. Or you might meet someone through a friend.

      Career: your career is in the process of transformation and advancement. For those of you who are in a great space and in love with what you do you, you’ll find that your job becomes more interesting and you have more ways to be innovative and creative. For those who are looking for more fulfillment, you may find that you can create your own job within the things that you like to do on your own.

      Finances: You’re in a good position to save and invest. Do not become too over-identified with your money or you might lose it. Keep a healthy balance between saving and enjoying. If you find it hard to spend on yourself then invest instead.

      Health: Your digestive system is sensitive during this time. It’s best to eat lots of veggies and fruits. Stay away from too many cruciferous vegetables as they are not digestible fiber.


    11. Funny Bunny

      Color: The color of the month is Funny Bunny by OPI. This white color reminds you of purity and cleansing. It's a time to clean house Pisces.

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      Love: For those of you who are single you have finally become comfortable with being single. This level of comfort is going to bring you into a new awareness of self love for yourself. Now that you are loving yourself adequately you’ll be able to attract a partner to emphasize the love that you already have. For those of you who are in a relationship, there needs to be common ground regarding communication. don’t be afraid to experience all emotions with your partner.

      Career: you are very busy and need to make time for rest and rejuvenation. If you do not make time for rest you can exhaust and overwork yourself. Rest is also work so remember to give yourself adequate time to replenish so you can work your best.

      Finances: Your financial situation can improve especially with collaborations and partnerships. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with others because it will be received very well. Research investments during this time.

      Health: Your health is good but you do have mood swings. When you’re having a mood swing and get some fresh sunshine and listen to some music to make you feel better. Try to not make yourself go from one extreme emotion to the next.


    12. Closer Than You Might Belém

      Color: Closer Than You Might Belém Love: Aries season is about self-love & boundaries. The energy is supported for you to take the time you need to examine yourself and take care of yourself. A relationship might feel overbearing or frustrating as it can be taking up a lot of mental space.

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      Career: If you’re not already, you’ve been thinking about having more independence in your work situation. This is not a good time to quit a job but you can start thinking/ manifesting your own creative business or hobby. Those established in their careers are making money moves this month.

      Finances: You can be very practical with your resources or you might be inclined to spend on quick impulses. Remember asset over liability.

      Health: Take care of your skin. Breakouts and inflammation are from frustration.


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