Aquarius Season: February Horoscopes

OPI Horoscopes: Aquarius Season
  • OPI Horoscopes: Aquarius Season

    Welcome back to another month of horoscopes from OPI! We’re here to make sure that not only are the stars aligned in your favor, but also the nail shades as well. We’re dedicated to empowering you through Color, as we believe Color is the answer, but this guide below can give you the right shade for the right mood. Read below for in-depth horoscope coverage of this month - highlighting the sign of Aquarius!

    Match and Balance 101:

    Beyond your horoscope below, we’ve also included a suggestion for the shade that is your best “match” or “balance” for the sign of Aquarius.

    Your “match” shade: this is a shade/hue you would usually go for. You’ll find confidence in this color and feel aligned.

    Your “balance” shade: not your usual go-to shade, but you should consider outside of your comfort zone because you will feel more balanced when wearing this color.

    All about Aquarius:

    Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known for being unique and mysterious. They have a penchant for innovation and humanitarianism. Aquarius’ ruling planet is Uranus which represents constant movement, changing activity, and nonconformity. This season signifies the time of year when we are emerging from darkness, a self-reflective period when we’ve reviewed our past and are now ready to move forward, focused on the future and what we’ll do differently. This month we have the first total eclipse of the year on January 21 in the sign Leo, opposite Aquarius, making this a particularly powerful month of change. The next day, on January 22 Jupiter and Venus meet in Sagittarius making it one of the luckiest days of the year–promising abundance, optimism, and adventure!

    1. Shop the shade: Do You Sea What I Sea?


      The Sun is shining a light on you! You don’t particularly love all the attention but you’ve earned soak it up! January 22 points to more recognition and the ability to shape your dreams into a tangible reality. The total lunar eclipse on January 21 means that relationships have reached a pivotal point when you need to think more about autonomy, or how relationships have and will shape and mold you.

      Aquarius is a fixed sign. Aquarians are bent on doing things their way, intellectually oriented, and ingenious. Considered one of the most friendly signs in the zodiac, they relate more to universal consciousness–the world at large, rather than individuals.

      Shop the shade: Do you sea what i sea?

      This shade is your match. Again, a little lighter than you like, but this helps you get a clear perspective.

    2. Shop the shade: Suzi Nails New Orleans


      Life is pretty comfortable for you this month, as there is a certain air of escapism that you are masterful at indulging in. Whether it’s through meditation, or film, music, even daydreaming, consider this month preparing you for the next. Mercury enters your sign on February 10 so expect to feel recharged and fully rested by then!

      Shop the shade: Suzi Nails New Orleans

      Ideal for the restful and dreamy month in store, this shade is your match.

    3. Shop the shade: Light My Sapphire


      Focused on who you are to the world and how others see you. The lunar eclipse on January 21 pushes you to take a bigger creative risk and to cultivate more of your artistic gifts. February 13 is a momentous day for you, plan to do something constructive and catapulting.

      Shop the shade: Light My Sapphire

      This is your balancing shade. It’s passionate enough to motivate you in bigger ways.

    4. OPI Got the Blues for Red


      Change is always a good thing, it might not always feel that way, but the eclipse on January 21 promises a much-needed change in your home and family life. Followed by the new moon on February 4, it brings your home and family life more into balance. Mars enters your sign on Valentine’s day so expect a passionate one!


      Grounding and sensual with a touch of titillating. This is your match shade.

    5. Shop the shade: Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous


      The Eclipse moves your mind and jolts your nervous system into furthering your education. Travel seems more enticing, now more than ever. Venus and Jupiter on January 22 is igniting your relationship status just in time for Valentine’s day.

      Shop the shade: Lucerne–tainly Look Marvelous

      Lighthearted but mind provoking, this is your match shade.

    6. Shop the shade: The Latest and Slatest


      Eclipses always bring surprises, but especially for you Cancer, who is ruled by the Moon itself. January 21 shakes up your finances for the purpose of re-evaluating how much to give of yourself, time and energy wise. Valentine’s day and February 18 are about feeling more secure with money and partnership.

      Shop the shade: The Latest and Slatest

      This shade is your match! You love gray as much as you love to feel safe.

    7. Shop the shade: Coca Cola Red


      Opposites attract because they bring you into better balance. The eclipse on January 21 in your sign means that you’re learning how to find the right balance in relationships. You’re deepening your identity whilst trusting that you can find greater sustenance.

      Shop the shade: Coca–Cola Red

      Healthy, exuberant, This shade is your match.

    8. Shop the Shade: I'll Have A Gin & Tectonic


      You’ve done the work, now enjoy the romantic atmosphere you’ve created! Valentine’s day heats things up and has the potential to make things long-lasting, if not a person, then a personal project. The cards are in your hand!

      Shop the shade: I’ll have a Gin & Tectonic

      This shade is your match, you just don’t know it until you’ve put it on.

    9. Shop the shade: Reykjavik Has All The Hotspots


      The Eclipse on January 21 means exploring more of your self-expression and letting go of friends that you no longer feel like you can be yourself with. January 22 positively reaffirms your beliefs. Valentine's day is ruled by Venus, your ruling planet, which makes for a grounded and sentimental day with loads of passion.

      Shop the shade: Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots

      Sensual and lustrous, this shade is your match.

    10. Shop the shade: I Cannoli Wear OPI


      Eclipse season for you signifies that you’re having to become more of an authority figure likely related to family and domestic life. The good news is that you’ll enjoy being more closely tied to home. Which means you can zone your intention in on yourself and your projects. As a result, you’ll definitely feel more at peace and may even be able to pull in some extra income.

      Shop the shade: I Cannoli Wear OPI

      This is your balancing shade. You love white, but right now it’s especially helpful to uplift heavy thoughts.

    11. Shop the shade: Silver on Ice


      Exciting things ahead! With Jupiter and Venus dancing overhead in your sign on January 22 and the Sun in Aquarius all month long, it means that your flying high. Expect this to be an exciting month! Be open to minor adjustments that may occur in your travel plans.

      Shop the shade: Silver on Ice

      You’re right where you need to be, stay there a while. This shade is your match.

    12. Shop the shade: Suzi and the Arctic Fox


      The first half of the month you’re diving deep into your own process (with the Lunar eclipse acting as your spirit guide), showing you where to go. After Venus enters your sign on February 3 and meets up with your planet Saturn on February 18, life will seem smoother and like you’re walking on stable ground again.

      Shop the shade: Suzi and the Arctic Fox

      In control and self-contained, this shade is your match.

    13. OPI Astrologer Rose Theodora


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