Aquarius Season: February Horoscopes

Aquarius Season OPI February Colorscope
  • Aquarius Season OPI February Colorscope

    Aquarius Season! ​A shift in consciousness. Life is no longer about what’s in front of us, but rather what’s beyond us, contemplating what the future holds, and how we can maximize our unique take to benefit the masses. Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo, means that we’re ascending the Ego, and no longer thinking about our small microcosm, but how our life is actually apart of the whole Universe. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the sign that pours the mystical waters of consciousness onto the minds of men. In the sign (season), Aquarius is where we all learn to think out of the box, to treat others as we would want to be done to us, and to gaze into the future more than the past. ​

    Aquarius is governed by the planets Uranus + Saturn, ​coloring our experience as one that’s radically bent on innovation and liberation.

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      The New Moon on January 24, followed by Venus in supportive aspect to your Sun sign on February 7, and the Full Moon opposite you on February 9–means that you are putting yourself first and taking some much needed time to celebrate what life means to you. Be willing to be the change that you want to see.

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      Remedy Color.​ ​You like it clean, yet dark and bold, we know. This clean creamy shade maximizes your manifesting powers.

      Love: ​Connecting with your higher self gifts you the insight that you need to love unconditionally, especially towards yourself. Valentine’s day is about staying local and expressing matters of the heart confidently.

      Career: ​The New Moon in your sign on January 24 is your personal New Year, aside from your birthday. Career focus means that you can accept no less than your most authentic expression. Only focus on what you genuinely want to nurture and grow.

      Money: ​Until February 7, a little extra money comes by way of mail, or from a last-minute trip.

    2. OPI Nail Polish A Little Guilt Under the Kilt

      Mercury Retrograde, in your sign, inspires you to rethink your aesthetic. Presentation is powerful, so take stock. You can convey 1000 messages solely in the colors you choose to wear. It’s time for a make-over! Use the beginning of the season to create a look that you want, i.e. hair, skin, and clothes, and then utilize the Full Moon on February 9 to get rid of everything you no longer connect to. Venus in your sign until Feb. 6 grants you extra wishing power–use it wisely!


      Complete me color.​ ​Just what you to need and want–sensual, magnetic, always magical.

      Love:​ Valentine’s day is good when you focus on feeling good and looking your best. It’s not shallow; it’s necessary. Looking good for none other than yourself gifts you an alluring magnetism.

      Career: ​Recognition and opportunities come from your social circles with Jupiter now in your sign. Say yes to invites only when you feel inspired.

      Money: ​Venus moving into your sign on February 7 makes you a money magnet–when you value yourself more, it’s easier to ask for what you deserve.

    3. OPI Nail Polish Bare My Soul

      The New Moon on January 24 is vital for you to stay open to synchronicity. You encounter someone that contributes positively to your dreams. After Venus enters your sign on February 7, you’ll feel even more confident about moving forward. You’ll want to give Retrograde the attention it deserves as it’s asking you to rest when you can, to clear your mind, and to make space for the excitement that awaits you.


      Remedy color.​ ​Clean and creamy to soften those hard edges.

      Love: ​With Venus in your sign, but next to Chiron–you’re sexier than ever when you show how comfortable you are even in silence. You don’t need anyone to tell you how beautiful you are, you know it.

      Career: ​With Jupiter newly in your career sector and the New Moon supporting your reputation, the first two weeks of this season–you’ll want to maximize how far you’ve come by sharing your accolades proudly, never boastfully.
      Money: ​You earn money through your reputation and confidence. You know how to grow your income by investing in what feels right.

    4. OPI Nail Polish OPI by Popular Vote

      This season’s Mercury Retrograde is about establishing better boundaries with friends. The New and Full Moon are helping you to find better work/life balance, which points to letting an aspect of your home life go–a roommate, or otherwise expense that you no longer need. Mars enters fellow earth sign Capricorn on February 16 inspires your business acumen through a new skillset.


      Complete me color.​ ​Your go-to color when you listen to the feminine whispers of what it means to be ruled by Venus.

      Love: ​You planet Venus, paired with the Moon opposite your sign on V-day nudges you to focus on the meaningful aspects of what relationship truly means, i.e. unconditional self-love so that you can share yourself more vulnerably with a lover.
      Career: ​The New Moon on January 24 gifts you new opportunities to shine. Accept compliments with gratitude.

      Money:​ Lasting material wealth comes from an abundant spiritual faith.

    5. OPI Strawberry Margarita

      The New Moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on January 24 ignites your mind and acts as the catalyst for the next two years, no we’re not joking. Be mindful of your intentions, and be willing to learn if you have to so that you feel better about the extra responsibility this season. Mercury Retrograde says, just a few minor adjustments to your plan, stay open.


      Complete me color.​ ​Hot, curious, and noticeable, what more could you want.

      Love: ​Valentine’s day is about celebrating with friends or doing something group related. Don’t go too crazy or you’ll wake up with regret. Remember what healthy means for you.

      Career: ​Think of this month as a precursor for next, because it is. Sharpening your skills set only helps you get what you want.

      Money: ​Others now support you–say yes only when you need to accept help, rather than accumulating new debt that you could otherwise avoid.

    6. OPI Long Lasting Wear Yes My Condor Can Do

      Connected to the Moon more than any other sign, the New Moon on January 24 lights up your deepest desires, notice how you feel, and embrace the beauty of being able to experience life so receptively. Mercury Retrograde implies that you need to make some adjustments to your travel plans.


      Complete me color.​ ​This rich and creamy burgundy hue enlivens your sensual intelligence.

      Love: ​You feel admired and appreciated this Valentine’s day. Romance means intense, passionate, and sensual. Wear what makes you feel powerful.

      Career: ​After February 7, when Venus moves into Aries, expect more recognition. Money: ​The New Moon on January 24 is also shining a light on extra income that could come by way of unexpected support.

    7. Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

      The Full Moon in your sign on February 9 + Mercury Retrograde asks that you let go of your point of view in favor of deepening your connection to what true partnership means–this portends to business but can also show up in an intimate relationship.


      Remedy color.​ ​Although you love this color, it’s not your go-to. This subtle hue encourages you to focus on the future more than the past.

      Love: ​The New Moon on January 24, paired with Venus moving into fellow fire sign on February 7, brings you an exciting opportunity. You’re either offered a new contract (but wait to sign until after Mercury Retrograde), traveling, or taking things to the next level.

      Career: ​Career is reliant upon your associations and partners–focus there first. Money: ​More money comes when you reorganize where things are out of balance.

    8. OPI Check Out the Old Geysirs

      ​The Full Moon on February 9 is allowing you to make healthier choices. With your ruling planet, Mercury opposite your sign in Pisces, you’re learning to have healthier boundaries with others, especially your partner(s). Starting a new work-out or diet routine on the New Moon–January 24 is a good idea.


      Remedy color.​ ​Feeling and reflective, and balancing so that you gain perspective where you need it.

      Love: ​This Valentine’s day is all about sexting and bedroom banter. Be brave to play more.
      Career: ​The New Moon on January 24 gifts you a window of opportunity to either ask for a promotion or to​ ​land another job. Mercury retrograde will also support you in finding new work opportunities.

      Money: ​You get a little extra cash when you least expect it. How do you ask? Just stay your witty, helpful self.

    9. OPI O Suzi Mio

      This whole month is romantic, not only valentine’s day–good news for a Venus-ruled sign like you! And if you’re not the sentimental type, then you need to heal from past heartbreak, because whether you like to admit it or not, you are. You need romance almost more than anyone. The Full Moon on February 9 means letting go of friendships that aren’t lighting you up anymore.


      Complete me color.​ ​You love a creamy sensual inducing shade; this is that. A deep purple hue inspires greatness.

      Love: ​Juicy. The season is about embracing your unconventional approach to love. Venus moving opposite your sign-on February 7 heats things up.
      Career:​ Cultivating your creative approach strengthens your career prospects.​ ​Be innovative and stop settling for less.

      Money: ​Relying on others doesn’t make you co-dependant, but not valuing yourself does.

    10. OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI

      Mercury retrograde has you rethinking what you consider fun–it may be that a short trip changes your perspective. It’s fun to have vices, but maybe there is more to be discovered. The New Moon on January 24 shows that changes to your home environment are afoot.

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      Complete me color.​ ​Your other side, straight forward, authentic, as real as the air you breathe.

      Love: ​Love doesn’t have to be so straightforward for you this month, it could mean finding work that you love and feeling fulfilled and more passionate than you have in a while.
      Career: ​Career isn’t your focal point this season, but securing your home life is and will support the positive changes on the horizon.

      Money: ​You make a little extra cash this month by doing some odd jobs that could potentially lead to something way more fulfilling.

    11. OPI Less is Norse

      Your goal should be to practice being satisfied with the here and now rather than with the possibilities of what can be tomorrow. The New and Full Moons this season are helping you to stay present. Mercury Retrograde is gifting you insight into what would feel better living wise–where and who you should be living with. Home for you is a sacred space.


      Remedy color.​ ​Color doesn’t scare you, but this semi-neutral shade helps you to trust the unknown.

      Love: ​Your romantic life is exciting, hot, and spontaneous–enjoy it! If single, try something new! If taken, spice things up!

      Career: ​You’re building your dream career because you’ve invested the time and energy. Trust that what’s unfolding is exciting. Conversations will gift you clarity.

      Money: ​You’re making more of it because you’re qualified and valuing yourself more.

    12. OPI Nail Polish Lincoln Park After Dark

      The New Moon on January 24 is exciting because it means that you’ll not only feel good but that you’ll feel comforted by your success. The Full Moon on February 9 is reminding you to focus on yourself. Mercury Retrograde screams not to buy anything new–car or electronically related–this is the classic do not mercury Retrograde warning, sorry, but it’s necessary.


      Complete me color.​ ​If not already one of your favs, it will be. This color screams empowered.

      Love: ​Love is comforting, nourishing, and involves staying in a more this season​. Career: ​Your work is flowing smoothly, but be mindful about showing gratitude, and be sure to double-check your emails.
      Money: ​Enjoy the money that is supporting you now to attract more.

    13. OPI Astrologer Rose Theodora


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