Bana Jarjour's (a.k.a. @BANICURED_) Lisbon Experience

OPI, Blog, Lisbon Collection, Banicured, Bana Jarjour
  • OPI, Blog, Lisbon Collection, Banicured, Bana Jarjour



    1. OPI, Blog, Lisbon Collection, Banicured, Bana Jarjour

      My first experience in Lisbon involved me wandering the airport amongst well-dressed businessmen looking for their drivers. After 15 hours of traveling I was in desperate need of a shower and nap (thoughts I’m sure my fellow travelers shared, as well). Thirty minutes later, Ricardo was there to cheerfully greet me and take me to the place I would call home for the next five days.

      Everything beyond that initial arrival in Lisbon was a dream come true- even the things that were seemingly tedious. Driving through the crowded streets, lugging my suitcases up to our Airbnb, walking up several hills to get back to said Airbnb...I enjoyed every minute of it. Because the crowded streets were lined with buildings covered in multicolored tile art. The apartment overlooked red roofs and the most stunning castle with a sunset backdrop. The steep hills were filled with a serenity that I had never encountered. Our place was a tight squeeze (not unlike the quaint Alfama streets), but was filled with laughter, music, and conversations about our day and what was to come (Also exhaustion. There was a significant amount of exhaustion).

    2. OPI, Blog, Lisbon Collection, Banicured, Bana Jarjour

      This sour-turned-sweet routine was a common reoccurrence throughout the week. Little incidents became almost a necessary part of the day, like pieces of stone required to make up the bumpy sidewalks we trekked. Countless polish changes turned into an experience painting nails in the middle of the Praça do Comércio and under the bridge on Pink Street. The rain forced us into a game of "let's match the umbrella to the nail polish.” Even the obligatory pedicure I gave my model was done at Palácio da Pena in Sintra, one of the most picturesque pieces of architecture I have ever had the pleasure of exploring. And you can’t be mad at a little hangover when the wine was cheaper than the soda.

    3. OPI, Blog, Lisbon Collection, Banicured, Bana Jarjour

      It would be superficial of me to sit here and think about what went wrong during this trip. Every little detail, good and bad, made my time in Lisbon what it was. None of this would have been possible without the best crew/roommates I could ask for. Not only did we get along exceptionally well, we shared the same visions and worked collaboratively to bring the beauty of Lisbon onto camera and film. As a nail artist my passion is to design, but on a personal level I love to travel and experience new places and cultures, and OPI has allowed me to do both. I will forever be grateful to their team for this opportunity. And to be able to turn my memories into nail art was the cereja on top of what was already an experience I could have only dreamed of. The only thing I would have improved? My Portuguese.


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